Jaguar Land Rover researches on NASA tech to monitor brain waves of Drivers
Jaguar Land Rover researches on NASA tech to monitor brain waves of Drivers

According to UK car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover, it is working on to find how the steering wheel and the car seat could be used to detect fickle levels of driver concentration in addition to their heart rate and breathing.

According to the company, sensors in the steering wheel could be employed for measuring a driver's brainwaves. It is known that human brains have a tendency to generate four or more distinct brainwaves at different frequencies. An on-board computer can assess if a driver is focused, sleepy, daydreaming, or distracted by detecting which type of brainwave is dominant.

According to Jaguar Land Rover’s research and technology director Dr. Wolfgang Epple, "If brain activity indicates a daydream or poor concentration, then the steering wheel or pedals could vibrate to raise the driver's awareness and re-engage them with driving".

Jaguar Land Rover will have to find a method that would be practical during driving. It is researching on a method, which is used by NASA to develop pilot’s concentration skills and also the US bobsleigh team.

According to it, at present, the car manufacturer is conducting user trials in order to collect more information on the different brainwaves identified through the steering wheel sensors.

The new technology is related to a large range of driver safety projects for reducing crashes caused by drivers who are stressed or get distracted while driving. The company is also in the middle of integrating medical-grade sensors to embed in the driver's seat, especially when it comes to the Jaguar XJ luxury sedan.

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