Julia Roberts: I’m just stupid

Julia Roberts: I’m just stupidChicago, Mar 10 : American actress Julia Roberts has revealed during an interview about her role as a former CIA agent in "Duplicity", that she could never be a spy in real life.

Roberts, 41, and her co-star Brit actor Clive Owen play as lovers in the movie, and both have admitted that they would never have made it as real agents outside the big screen.

"I think I''d be a bad spy. I''m just too stupid," the Chicago Suntimes quoted her as saying.

The Pretty Woman star meant that she did not have the kind of brain capable of keeping all the lies straight to be successful as a covert agent.

"It's something we have in common," Owen, who has been in such spy thrillers as "The International" and "The Bourne Identity", said.

"''We''re just too open and honest ... too much in the present to pull those things off for real. I don''t know how those people do it," he added.

The espionage thriller will premiere on March 20. (ANI)