Jury to decide fate of Apple in billion-dollar iPod anti-trust lawsuit

Apple iPod antitrust lawsuitWashington, Dec 16 : The decision on the 1 billion dollar Apple iPod anti-trust lawsuit now rests with a jury of eight, who will decide whether the company should pay more than a billion dollars for changes it made to its iTunes and iPod software some 10 years ago.

The Verge reported that both sides presented closing arguments in an Oakland, California courthouse today after two full weeks of trial, painting vastly different pictures of what was happening at both Apple and within the digital music business a decade back.

Apple is likely to face a stiff penalty in case the jury's decision turns out to be in the favour of the plaintiffs.

While the complaint originally asked for 350 million dollars, that number would be tripled under antitrust laws, the report said. (ANI)