Kia’s EV3 crossover SUV all set to debut on May 23, 2024

Kia’s EV3 crossover SUV all set to debut on May 23, 2024

Kia Corporation has confirmed that its newest electric vehicle (EV), the Kia EV3, will debut on 23rd of May in Korea. The Kia EV3 will reportedly be the world-famous brand’s cheapest EV, cheaper even than the Kia Niro EV. While the brand has yet to announce exact pricing for the upcoming EV, the vehicle’s hinted price of approximately $32,000 is expected to make it a leader in the sales for the brand.

Notably, Kia has decided to sell the EV3 crossover SUV in the U.S.—one of the world’s biggest electric car markets. It is notable as the company has no plans to sell the EV2, which is even cheaper and smaller than the EV3, in the American market.

The Korean manufacturer has thus far shown only a concept preview of the EV3 and now it is teasing the production model, which is slated to be fully revealed on 23rd of May. When asked for a comment, a spokesperson for the company said that the EV3 symbolizes the same esteemed formula that helped the EV6 and EV9 in achieving success.

One can expect the production model to closely resemble the concept previewed by the company. In other words, one can expect the upcoming EV to feature angular styling, with a strong resemblance to a scaled-down version of the Kia EV5, which is also not going to be sold in the U.S. market.

It may be noted here that all Kia EVs will be built on the same E-GMP EV-dedicated platform that the brand shares with Hyundai. However, while the EV6 and EV9 SUVs have an 800-volt architecture; the smaller models will be based on 400-volt architecture, which will also enable the company to slash cost and offer cheaper mobility solutions. While this will result in marginally lower charging power and slightly less efficiency, it will also allow the manufacturer to bring these electric models accessible to the masses.

As the EV3 will be built in Mexico, it is expected to qualify for the full $7,500 tax credit, which will bring its effective price to just around $24,500.

As the countdown for the planned debut of the kia EV3 on May 23rd has begun, excitement has reached pinnacle. With its promise of affordability and innovation, the Kia EV3 crossover SUV is expected to emerge as a game-changer, capable of making a lasting impact on the fact-evolving electric car landscape.

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