Malaysian fisherman dies after eating puffer fish

Malaysian fisherman dies after eating puffer fishKuala Lumpur - A Malaysian fisherman died and four others were hospitalised after they consumed a meal of puffer fish when they ran out of food while at sea, a news report said Monday.

Nordin Sulong, 43, and four friends had decided to cook the puffer fish when they ran out of food supply after being out at sea for several days, the Star daily said.

All five fishermen began to feel dizzy and numb from the toxins in the puffer fish, but managed to steer their vessel back to the jetty in the northeastern state of Terengganu early Sunday, the report said.

All five were rushed to the hospital where Nordin was pronounced dead and another fisherman, Khalid Jusoh, was said to be in critical condition.

Last year, hundreds of people were reported to have suffered from food poisoning after consuming puffer fish, officials said.

The puffer fish contains tetrodotoxin, a lethal poison, and if not cut or prepared correctly, is dangerous to eat. The toxin causes numbness in the mouth and attacks the nervous system, causing respiratory problems, leading to death in some cases. (dpa)

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