Modi demands a military air base in Gujarat

Narendra ModiNarabet (Gujarat), Jan. 3 :Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has said that his state, which shares its border with Pakistan, needs a strategic airbase for security reasons.

After meeting Border Security personnel at the Narabet check post along the India-Pakistan border and reviewing security arrangements, Modi said he would urge the UPA Government at the Center to focus on developing more strategic airbases in the state.

"Along the Jodhpur-Naliya border area, Deesa is a centre point where an air base should be developed. I hope the Central Government will look into the matter of Deesa which can be developed into an air base which is important for the state of Gujarat," Modi said.

Modi condemned the Mumbai terror attack saying it was not less than a war.

"We do not need a proper set up to call it a war, this was war in itself. The war has already begun. They(Pakistan) have already announced a war," he said. (ANI)