Motorola Mobility launches new Moto X

Motorola Mobility launches new Moto X Motorola Mobility, a unit of internet giant Google, has announced the launch of its new smartphone, Moto X in the crowded smartphone market.

Google has been successful in software and its Android platform has emerged as the dominant platform for the global smartphone market but it has not been able to attract significant number of customers to its hardware. The Moto X, which is the first major device since Google acquired the handset maker for $12.5 billion, might be able to boost the company's hardware sales.

The company is expecting the smartphone to succeed in the market as it will not only expand its presence in the handset market but also provide additional way to boost ad sales. Google had made a former employee, Dennis Woodside, in charge of Motorola and had laid off Motorola workers and took in new employees from its competitors including Apple, Samsung and Amazon.

Iqbal Arshad, Motorola's senior vice president of global product development said, "I think we've created an awesome company. And Moto X represents who we are."

The 4.7-inch touch screen smartphone will go on sale on major American networks in August or early September.