Music fans still prefer CDs to online music: survey

Music fans still prefer CDs to online music: surveyA survey of over 1,000 music fans depicts 73 percent of the music fans in England are still content buying compact disks rather than downloading songs online.

A survey conducted by Music Ally Speakerbox unveils the fact that in the age group of 14 to 18, sixty-six percent prefer CDs to digital downloading.

A major section of all music fans i. e. 59 percent favors listening to CDs rather than online music.

The study found that while most digital music fans continue to buy CDs, there is a little proof that online music downloads are making up for Compact disks' sales.

However, seventeen percent of the 1,000 people surveyed said that they share files, signifying piracy still flying high.

The survey also found that those who listen to downloadable music are in fact encouraged to buy more music on both CDs and downloads.

Speaking on the topic, Paul Brindley, Music Ally chief executive, said, "This suggests that digital can and is being used as a way of sampling new music which users may then go on to purchase."

Downloadable music is the future but the compact disks are not out of fashion.