''Nano'' popular among Rajkot college students

  ''Nano'' popular among Rajkot college students  Rajkot, Apr 7 : College students in large numbers flocked to the Tata showroom in Rajkot to have a glimpse of the world''s cheapest car ''Nano''

Manjari, a prospective customer, said the car would be a craze among college students.

"Today, I have booked a Nano. We have come for its test drive. I think it will be craze among college students. It''s comfortable to sit and drive," said Manjari.

Meeta said it was a dream car.

"There is ample space inside. It''s comfortable to drive. It''s a dream car of everyone," said Meeta.

The Nano was launched six months behind schedule in a subdued market, with production in the first year severely constrained and the threat of further ratings downgrades hanging over the company.

The company has said that it will take over a year to deliver the first 100,000 cars.

Since the Nano was first shown, the main production plant had to be moved from Singur in West Bengal to Gujarat. (ANI)