New Psychiatric Manual to Diagnore Millions with Mental Disorder

New psychiatric todiagnore millions with mental disorderAccording to experts, a new version of the most widely used psychiatric manual might result in millions of people coming under the description of persons with mental disorders.

The controversial revision of the 1994 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders could add describe people who are eccentric, romantic and lonely, shy, sad as those with mental disorders.

The fifth edition of the manual will be published next year and it might expand the scope of psychiatric diagnoses to millions of people who are described normal at present. The new version will include new labels such as are 'oppositional defiance disorder' for challenging adolescents, 'gambling disorder' for those compelled to have a flutter, and 'hypersexual disorder" for those who think about sex at least once every 20 minutes.

The manual will diagnose people who display shyness or suffer from loneliness with "dysthymia", or "feeling depressed for most of the day". The manual revision will also redefine crimes as illnesses, like 'paraphilic coercive disorder' for men who engage in forced sex.

The new version will result in millions of people being diagnosed with mental illness due to their behavior that is considered normal by most. 

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