Obesity linked with high triglyceride level

Obesity linked with high triglyceride levelIt has been stated that people who often sport an increased waistline and high triglyceride levels complain of coronary heart ailments, according to the latest research.

Dr. Benoit Arsenault and Jean-Pierre Després, Laval University, Quebec City stated: "Among individuals classified at low coronary heart disease risk based on the absence of traditional risk factors, the presence of the hyper-triglyceridemic waist is predictive of a substantially increased risk of coronary heart disease."

This has been especially observed in case of beings who come with a increased waistline even though they do not have high triglyceride levels and are prone to threats of CAD.

Therefore in order to avoid the circumference around the waist one needs to keep a tab on their diet backed with regular dose of exercises, which means diet food minus being 'couch potato'.