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NHS pledges to offer Specialist Help to Every Pregnant Woman by 2020

NHS pledges to offer Specialist Help to Every Pregnant Woman by 2020

NHS has announced to give specialist help to every pregnant and new mother for psychological problems linked to childbirth. The new move is a part of British Prime Minister David Cameron's promised 'revolution' in mental health.

On Monday, Cameron may announce to end the postcode lottery that don't allow many women who experience mental conditions like depression to receive vital treatment that helps in reducing maternal suicide risks and protect babies. As per reports, more than quarters of the 40,000 women every year do not receive such special treatments.

Britain to provide 'military training' to Ukrainian soldiers

David Cameron

London, Feb 25 - Prime Minister David Cameron has reportedly announced his decision to send British troops to Ukraine in the next few weeks to provide advice and training.

Cameron told a House of Commons committee that up to 75 British personnel divided into four teams would be sent to an area well away from the conflict zone in east Ukraine to provide medical, logistics, intelligence and infantry training, reported the BBC.

British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said in a statement that the move was prompted by "continued Russian-backed aggression."

Cameron warned that more sanctions would follow on Russia if the separatists failed to observe the truce.

David Cameron wants Whatsapp, Snapchat banned in Britain under new internet anti-terror laws

David CameronLondon, Jan 13 : Online messaging services like Whatsapp and Snapchat may face a ban in Britain as Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to introduce a slew of legislations that would deny terrorists a "safe space" to communicate online in the aftermath of a series of terror attacks in France.

The proposed legislation would provide a new legal framework that will authorize British intelligence agencies to crack the communications of terror suspects if there was specific intelligence of an imminent attack.

Cameron asked, "Are we going to allow a means of communications where it simply is not possible to do that?" He responded by saying: "no, we must not," reported The Guardian."

Cameron says relations with India is UK's priority

David CameronBrisbane (Australia), Nov 14 : British Prime Minister David Cameron, who met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit in Brisbane on Friday, said that relations with New Delhi are a top foreign policy priority for his country.

"Relations with India are at the top of the priorites of UK's foreign policy - @David_Cameron to PM @narendramodi," MEA official spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin tweeted.

"Your's is a very inspiring vision, UK wants to partner in any way we can - PM @David_Cameron to PM @narendramodi," he added in his tweet.

Cameron warns EU against 'appeasing Putin as we did Hitler': Report

David-CameronLondon, Sep 03  British Prime Minister David Cameron has reportedly warned the European nations against making the same mistake in "appeasing" Russian President Vladimir Putin over Ukraine as France and Britain did with Adolf Hitler before the beginning of the Second World War.

The British premiere made this statement during a heated debate at a European Union summit behind closed doors in Brussels on Saturday, reported The Guardian. Cameron said that Russia had already seized Crimea and needs to be stopped from annexing the whole of Ukraine.

IS militants may attack Britain, says David Cameron

David CameronLondon, Aug 17 - Islamic State militants may attack people in Britain unless immediate action is taken and they are defeated, warns the United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron.

According to the BBC, Cameron said that a security response was the need of the hour and that it had to be taken immediately.

The statement came after the Church leaders said that the UK had no strategic approach to deal with the Islamic extremism.

Currently the Kurdish forces, supported y the U. S. airstrikes, are fighting the IS militants.

UK PM's mansion replica to go under the hammer

David-CameronLondon, August 8 : A house in Nottingham, which is similar to Prime Minister David Cameron's mansion, is set to go up for auction.

According to Pastor Real Estate in London, the two-bed end-of-terrace home in Sutton-in-Ashfield, is expected to fetch 50 million pounds or go on rent for 180,000 pounds a month, the Daily Express reported.

The property is currently let for 395 pounds per month and requires some cosmetic improvement and upgrading.

Cameron's mansion, 10 Downing Street, is located in Westminster and is five times the size of the alternative No 10. (ANI)

Cameron demands Russia cease support for Ukrainian rebels

David CameronLondon: British Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday demanded that Russia end its support for the rebels in Ukraine, arguing that Russia's policies destabilised the country and created the conditions that appear to have led to the downing of Malaysian Airways flight MH17.

In an unusual front-page op-ed in the Sunday Times, Cameron says there is growing evidence that separatist rebels, backed by Russia, shot down the aircraft, killing 298 people.

Vodafone to open 150 new stores in the UK

VodafoneBritish telecom giant, Vodafone has said that it is planning to open 150 new shops and create 1400 new jobs across the UK during the coming 12 months.

The plans will increase the company's total investment in the country to £1 billion during 2014. The company is the biggest mobile providers in the UK and serves over 19 million UK customers across the country. Vodafone is aiming to offer indoor and outdoor 2G, 3G and 4G coverage to 98 per cent of the UK population by 2015.

British PM hails same-sex marriages in country

David CameronLondon, March 30 - British Prime Minister David Cameron Saturday welcomed the introduction of same-sex marriages in Britain, as same-sex couples were allowed to be legally married in the country from this weekend.

"For the first time, the couples getting married won't just include men and women, but men and men, and women and women... in Britain it will no longer matter whether you are straight or gay, the State will recognise your relationship as equal," Xinhua quoted Cameron stating in an article for a homosexual news service in Britain.

UK to develop 5G tech that downloads movies in 1 second flat

5g technologyWashington, Mar. 11 - The UK is reportedly planned to develop next-gen 5G technology that would allow faster Internet speeds, which would eventually cut down on the download time.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced the country's plans to partner with Germany to develop the technology, under his plan to make the UK the most digital nation in the G8.

According to PC World, Cameron said that with 4G, an 800 megabyte movie takes around 40 seconds to download; with 5G that would be cut to one second.

David Cameron says 'twerking' Miley Cyrus too sexy for his kids

David-CameronLondon, Jan 20 : David Cameron has claimed that he does not discuss Miley Cyrus or her twerking craze with his kids as they are too young.

The 47-year-old UK PM said that his kids Nancy, nine, and Elwen, seven, knew Hannah Montana but luckily haven't made the link between the fictional character and Cyrus, the Daily Star reported.

However, he admitted that they often spot swearing in pop songs and tell him that it's a bad word.

Cameron added that they are very conscious and do not approve of swearing. (ANI)

UK's shale gas reserves enough for next 50 years

shale gasExperts have said that the shale gas reserves in the UK might be enough for oil firms to extract during the coming five years.

David Cameron has that that the new carbon capture technology will allow the country to exploit the vast reserves of shale gas thought to be buried beneath northern England. The British Prime Minister expects UK's emerging fracking industry to develop alongside new carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology that allows capturing emissions from burning large quantities of shale gas required in the industry.

Inflation falls to 2% in December

Inflation falls to 2% in DecemberAccording to the latest figures released, the annual inflation fell to the level of 2 per cent during the month of December as the central bank kept its interest rates at a lower rate.

Cameron encourages councils to back fracking

Cameron encourages councils to back frackingBritish Prime Minister David Cameron has taken steps to encourage councils to support shale gas exploration in the UK by backing fracking technique.

The prime minister said English local authorities that support "fracking" will get to keep more money in tax revenue as part of the government's drive to boost shale gas exploration in the country.  He said that English local authorities backing the initiatives will receive all the business rates collected from shale gas schemes - rather than the usual 50 per cent.

Mortgage lenders willing to offer loans, BOE

Bank of EnglandThe Bank of England said yesterday that the trend in during the economic slowdown when home buyers were unable to obtain loans has passed and the mortgage lenders are now increasingly willing to offer home loans in the country.

UK’s inflation falls to 2.1% in October

UK inflation fallsAccording to the latest figures released, the UK inflation has fallen to 2.1 per cent, which is its lowest level in four years during the previous month.

The Consumer Prices Index inflation remained low due to slowing rise in the prices of food and soft drinks in the country. Experts have said that the rising energy prices are yet to be factored in and this will increase the overall inflation in the country. The CPI is recorded at 2.1 per cent for the month of November, which is lower than 2.2 per cent in October and 2.7 per cent in September and is also closer to the government's target of two per cent target.

Manmohan Singh, Cameron review India-Britain ties

David-Cameron-Manmohan-SinghNew Delhi, Nov 14 : India and Britain reviewed their bilateral ties, especially trade relations, and discussed international and regional issues when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh met his British counterpart David Cameron, official sources said Thursday.

"The meeting between the two prime ministers presented a useful opportunity to review progress in bilateral relations," said an official after the two leaders met at Manmohan Singh's official residence.

No cap on number of students who can study in Britain: Cameron

David-CameronKolkata, Nov 14 : British Prime Minister David Cameron Thursday assured students that there was no upper limit to the number of candidates interested in studying in Britain.

At an interactive session at the Indian Institute of Management-Calcutta here, Cameron sought to address concerns of Indian students whose number in British educational institutions has fallen steeply.

"There is no cap on the number of students that can study in Britain. If you get a graduate paid job, you can work in Britain after your studies," Cameron said.

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