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LEAD: US President Bush to speak on economy amidst finance crisis

LEAD: US President Bush to speak on economy amidst finance crisisWashington  - Amidst growing resistance in Congress to a proposed urgent, mammoth bailout plan for Wall Street, US President George W Bush was to speak later Wednesday on the economy, the White House said.

The speech at 9 pm (0100 GMT Thursday) comes after repeated calls from Congress and the public for a more complete explanation of why the White House is so anxious to push through an emergency 700- billion-dollar plan by week's end.

Bush calls for united international front against terrorism

George W BushNew York  - US President George W Bush, in his final speech before the United Nations on Tuesday, called on the world to unite in the fight against extremism and terrorism.

Addressing the UN General Assembly in New York, Bush said it is not enough to condemn acts of terrorism that have already occurred, but instead the international community "must continually confront terror."

"Like slavery and piracy, terrorism has no place in the modern world. Around the world nations are changing these words into action," Bush said.

George Bush has failed' to arrest Wall Street meltdown: John McCain

Republican presidential candidate John McCainNew York, Sept. 22: Seeking to distance himself from President George W Bush in the run-up to the November 4 presidential poll, Republican presidential candidate John McCain has accused him and his administration of failing to arrest the meltdown on Wall Street.

"I say the Bush administration has failed," McCain said on "60 Minutes" after agreeing that he placed "a great deal" of responsibility on the President for the financial meltdown,” the New York Daily News quoted McCain, as saying.

Bold action needed to rescue financial institutions, Bush says

Bush says economy showing signs of improvement Washington- President George W Bush said Saturday that bold action was needed to bailout US financial institutions and prevent a broader economic collapse.

The Bush administration, seeking to head off the country's worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of 1929, moved this week to soak up the brunt of banks' mortgage-related assets, back money market mutual funds, curb certain stock-trading techniques and make more money available for loans to consumers.

Bush urges Congress to act on trade with Colombia

George W BushWashington- US President George W Bush on Saturday urged Congress to approve a long standing free trade agreement with Colombia, warning a failure to do so could encourage populist Latin American leaders pursuing anti-US policies.

"If this agreement were not to pass it would embolden voices of populism in the neighbourhood to the detriment of a government that has been very strong," Bush said at a White House meeting with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, a close US ally in South America.

Tony Blair says he liked George Bush when he was UK PM

Former British Prime Minister Tony BlairLondon, Sept. 20: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair told the Daily Show last night that his decision to send British troops into Iraq and Afghanistan, had a lot to do with his equation with U. S. President George W Bush.

When interviewer Jon Stewart, said to Blair: "Your relationship with George Bush seems inexplicable," Blair replied: "Here's something I find always goes down well, particularly back home: I like him."

Stewart retorted: "I would probably like him too, if he wasn't in charge of me."

Bush promises "unprecedented" action on financial crisis

US President George W BushWashington - US President George W Bush Fridady pledged that the US government will tackle the root of the financial turmoil through a massive intervention that could cost hundreds of billions of dollars.

Bush said a comprehensive plan was crucial to keeping the financial sector from total collapse and freezing the availability of credit to US consumers.

"The American economy is facing unprecedented challenges. We are responding with unprecedented action," Bush said in remarks broadcast from the White House.

Bush: Government keeping close watch on financial crisis

President George W BushWashington- US President George W Bush on Thursday defended the "extraordinary measures" taken by the government to address a growing financial crisis in the past week, but warned the danger was not yet over.

Speaking after an emergency White House meeting with his economic advisors, Bush promised the government would continue taking necessary actions "to strengthen and stabilize our financial markets and improve investor confidence."

Bush pledges government support for Ike victims

U.S. President George W BushWashington- US President George W Bush offered the full support of the federal government in relief efforts following the onslaught of Hurricane Ike on the Texas coast, and vowed there will be a "better tomorrow" for the thousands of people who have been displaced.

"It's a tough situation on the coast," Bush said after arriving in his home state city of Houston Tuesday for a briefing on the humanitarian relief and reconstruction effort.

Bush''s drugs tzar blasts actors, models for glamorising cocaine use

George W. BushLondon, Sept 12 : Cocaine use is being glamorized by models and actors, according to George W Bush''s drugs tsar, who warns that the effect is encouraging young middle class professionals to start using the addictive drug.

While on a visit to London, Walters said that impressionable young professionals in their 20s were being sucked into drug addiction because celebrities were using them and not coming to any harm.

Bush administration initiates talks with Congress leaders on 123 Agreement

US says "no" to Cuba's request for hurricane embargo relief Washington, Sept 9 : Senior members of the United States Congress have been contacted by the Bush administration to initiate the process to endorse the 123 Agreement.

US State Department spokesperson McCormack said that senior members of Congress including Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Howard Berman and Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Senator Joseph Biden have been contacted to endorse the deal.

George W Bush describes Pak as a major battleground for war on terrorism

US President George W. BushWashington, Sep 9: US President George W. Bush is to describe Pakistan as a major battleground for the war on terrorism, like Afghanistan or Iraq on Tuesday, and is going to urge Islamabad to shoulder its responsibility to fight extremists.

Bush, in remarks prepared for delivery to the US National Defense University and released by the White House late on Monday, is to say that all three countries “pose unique challenges for our country” in the worldwide conflict.

George W Bush is America's most divisive figure, says Bob Woodward

US President George W BushWashington, Sept. 5: In a new 487-page book that is to be released on September 8, noted Washington Post journalist and author Bob Woodward has termed US President George W. Bush "the nation’s most divisive figure."

In the book titled “"The War Within", which is the fourth installment in a series of books that he has written on the president, Woodward criticizes Bush for failing to fulfill what some might view as impossible expectations.

George W Bush poised to punish Russia for invading Georgia

US President George W. BushWashington, Sept. 5: U. S. President George W. Bush is reportedly ready to punish Russia for its invasion of Georgia by canceling a once-celebrated deal for civilian nuclear cooperation between the two countries.

According to The Telegraph, the White House is planning to undertake this largely symbolic move, and it is expected that action could come quickly, within days at the most.

However, officials see no need to wait until Vice President Dick Cheney returns next Wednesday from an overseas trip to three former Soviet republics.

Vladimir Putin alleges George Bush orchestrated Georgia war to get John McCain elected as next Prez

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir PutinMoscow, Aug 29: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said that the Georgia conflict may have been orchestrated by US President George Bush in a bid to get his party’s presidential nominee John McCain win this November election.

Though Putin did not specify which candidate he was talking about, but there was no doubt that he was referring to Senator John McCain, the Republican presidential dandidate, reported the New York Times.

George Bush's relationship with foreign leaders has gone awry: CSM

U.S. President George W BushWashington, Aug. 20: U. S. President George W Bush has prided himself on his close personal relationships with foreign leaders, but according to a report in the Christian Science Monitor (CSM), some of those relationships appear to have gone disastrously awry in the past few weeks.

According to CSM, former Russian President and now Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is a case that backs this view.

George W Bush holds talks with Chinese president Hu Jintao

Chinese President Hu Jintao and US President George W BushBeijing - Chinese President Hu Jintao and US President George W Bush held formal talks on Sunday, after Bush appealed for greater religious freedom during a church visit earlier in the day.

Chinese state media said Hu hosted a banquet lunch for Bush at the government's Zhongnanhai leadership compound following the talks.

But the reports gave no immediate details of the talks, which were scheduled to last 30 minutes.

Bush earlier visited Beijing's Kuanjie Church for Sunday morning worship.

Indian embassy bombing not discussed at Bush-Gilani meeting

US President George Bush and Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza GilaniWashington, Aug 2: The issue of the July 7 bombing of Indian embassy in Kabul did not figure during the recent meeting between US President George Bush and Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in Washington, when the latter visited the US.

According to the White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, the duo had a “good meeting” earlier this week during which they agreed that the two countries need to fight terrorism jointly.

US President Bush leaving Monday for trip to Asia, Olympics

WashingtoUS President George W Bushn - US President George W Bush will leave Monday on his ninth trip to Asia in nearly eight years in office, a White House official said.

The opening of the Beijing Olympics will be the highlight of the seven-day tour that also includes stops in South Korea and Thailand.

The president and First Lady Laura Bush will arrive on Wednesday in Seoul, said Dennis Wilder, senior director for Asian affairs in Bush's National Security Council.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 20 years needed to correct George W Bush's mistakes

Iranian President Mahmoud AhmadinejadTehran - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said it would take 20 years to correct mistakes made by US President George W Bush's administration, the Fars news agency reported Wednesday.

"The US is currently going through its worst phase in history: They have an economic crisis, politically they have reached a dead end and even European nations hate the US thoughts and approaches," Ahmadinejad said.

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