Veerappa Moily

Moily says Congress in favour of ban on Bajrang Dal,VHP

Former Karnataka Chief Minister Veerappa Moily New Delhi, Oct. 10 : Former Karnataka Chief Minister and head of the Congress party''s media cell, Veerappa Moily, on Friday told a press conference here that the party is in favour of banning the right-wing Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP).

"The Bajrang Dal deserves to be banned... They have earned this image for themselves. The terrorists hide and do it, they (Bajrang Dal) do it openly," Moily said.

Moily recommends need for a comprehensive anti terrorist legislation

Veerapa MoilyNew Delhi, Sep 16 : The second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) led by Veerapa Moily today recommended the need for a comprehensive anti-terrorist legislation and establishment of a federal agency to investigate acts of terror in the country.

“A comprehensive and effective legal framework to deal with all aspects of terrorism needs to be enacted. The law should have adequate safeguards to prevent its misuse,” the ARC report said.