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Buffett likens meltdown to “an economic Pearl Harbour”

Buffett likens meltdown to “an economic Pearl Harbour”New york, Mar. 10 : America's billionaire investor Warren Buffett has likened the current global meltdown to "an economic Pearl Harbor", and doesn''t expect the US economy to recover anytime soon.

The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway said the US economy has "fallen off a cliff" and the current financial situation is "close to the worst case" that he had predicted six months ago.

GE seeks credit relief in mammoth stock sale, Buffet input

New York - Reeling under the weight of the US credit crunch, the giant conglomerate General Electric (GE) is seeking a massive injection of capital through 12 billion dollars in new stock issuance and 3 billion dollars from legendary investor Warren Buffett, the company said Wednesday.

Buffett already rode to the rescue of financial giant Goldman Sachs last week by plunking down 5 billion dollars for a stake in the Wall Street firm, through his holding company Berkshire Hathaway.

GE said that Buffett's stake was guaranteed dividends of 10 per cent. Buffett also acquired an option to buy another 3 billion dollars in stock over the coming five years.

Warren Buffett’s biggest mistake was to let his wife walk out on him

Billionaire investor Warren BuffettNew York, September 26: Billionaire investor Warren Buffett feels that letting his late wife Susie walk out the door of their Omaha home was the biggest mistake he had ever made.

He revealed his feelings while discussing his personal life with Alice Schroeder, the author of a biography about him, entitled 'The Snowball'.

The 78-year-old admitted that he gave Susie plenty of reasons to leave, one of which was Katharine Graham, publisher of The Washington Post and Newsweek.

Warren Buffett Tops The Forbes’ Annual List Of Billionaires

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