Rahul Gandhi visits Bhopal, mingles with school children

Bhopal, July 6 : Congress General Secretary Rahul GandhiCongress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi visited Bhopal to attend a series of functions, including one at the Sanskar Valley School where he interacted with students.

Sitting amongst the students, Gandhi answered their queries and motivated them.

A student of class IX asked, "I am Monica Satyavadi. When are you getting married? Who is your soulmate? What is the kind of person you think would be your ideal match?”

He answered with a smile, “Hopefully I will get married soon. I don't know who my ideal match is. If I knew, I would be married by now. But yes, my ideal match would have to be an open-minded person who wants to understand the world from other people's points of view."

Answering another query, he said, "My father was a pilot, so I wanted to follow my father's footsteps. Then there was a time when I wanted to join the Army. Thereafter, came a phase when I stopped thinking about it."

He also mentioned: "My ambition has never been anything specific or targeted like becoming the general in the army. My ambition is to have a decent understanding of this country and its people. And to do my little bit to push this country forward."

He gave away prizes to the children who had excelled in sports, education and extracurricular activities during the last academic session.

He motivated students by recalling his grandmother and said, "My grandmother Indira Gandhi was my teacher just like other teachers in school. She always said, son, if you are scared of something, don't run away and stand in front of it. You would not be scared any more.” (ANI)