Rain helps Kansas Wheat Crop recover

In the past few weeks, Kansas has witnessed good amount of rainfall that has helped Kansas wheat crop recover at the time when season's harvest is approaching.

It is said wheat cutting can start in parts of south-central Kansas soon. But Aaron Harries, marketing director for the industry group Kansas Wheat, said one of the important factors for cutting is it should be dry.

Earlier this week, the US Department of Agriculture stated that 30% of Kansas's wheat crop is good or excellent condition. The department said that another 41% in fair shape and 29% is in a poor to very poor condition.

Things seem to be much better due to last month's rains. On Wednesday, the agency is expected to reveal about the size of the wheat harvest. Last year was not fruitful for Kansas farmers. Drought and lower crop prices significantly impacted net farm income in the state. The net income was less than the last year and five-year average.

As per the Kansas Farm Management Association, the net income in its 1,175 farms was around $122,190. The amount was down from $140,356 a year earlier and below the five-year average of $149,114.

But tables turned with rain and it has made an abysmal harvest of this year to be an average one. Erick DeWolf, a plant pathologist with Kansas State University said Kansas is the biggest US producer of the grain.