Rajkot''s Paridhan Utsav 2009 promotes Khadi

Mahatma GandhiRajkot, Feb. 4 : To promote Khadi among the youth, the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) along with the Friends'' group organized a fashion show on Monday that displayed unique creations from the traditional hand-spun fabric.

The function Paridhan Utsav 2009 witnessed some special designer collection for kids, men and women designed by Rajkot based designers.

"I have done a lot of fashion shows but this show is quiet different as Khadi garments are being displayed here and the designs are very good," said Jimmy Nanda who won Mrs. India crown in 2007.

The show also saw Kumudben Joshi, chairperson of KVIC, walking down the ramp to promote the Khadi apparels.

"We are giving them (sales counters) their due look, new business management, new market system, we want to tap the markets in a big way so KVIC has planned a programme to build a Khadi plaza," said Kumudben Joshi.

Used by Mahatma Gandhi against the British rule, khadi gained popularity as a symbol of simplicity and austerity.

A growing number of youngsters beyond politicians have started to wear Khadi garments to make their personal fashion statement.

Besides, the fashion glitterati are waking up to the new style quotient what the lightweight fabric offers.

The versatile Indian fabric is natural and handspun and hand woven from excellent fibers of cotton, silk and wool or a combination of at least two fibers. (ANI)