Red Wine Ingredient ‘Resveratrol’ Could Improve Quality Of Life

A new study disclosed that a compound found in red wine may be capable Anti-Aging Effects of ‘Resveratrol’ In Red Wine Improve Quality Of Life  of defending the heart by exerting anti-aging effects.  

The study results were published in the 3rd July online issue of ‘Cell Metabolism.’

The study on middle-aged mice homed in on the compound known as ‘resveratrol’. While mice fed on the compound did not live longer as compared to their counterparts that were not given resveratrol, they did enjoy healthier lives.

In the study, researchers divided the mice into two groups with one group being fed a high-calorie diet supplemented with resveratrol whereas the other group received a high-calorie diet without the compound.

Researchers said that the former group lives longer than the latter group.

Study’s lead authors David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School and Rafael de Cabo of the National Institute of Aging stated that resveratrol appeared to lengthen healthy living rather than just prolonging life-time.

Resveratrol is a natural ingredient of grapes, pomegranates, red wine and other foods, which is known for lots of health benefits including anti-cancer, antiviral, neuroprotective, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory effects. It is also found in red wine, chocolate and green tea.

While news of the potency of resveratrol as an anti-aging agent is encouraging, consumers must note the study was on mice and on actual people. So binging on red wine may have to wait till human trials provide substantial results.

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