Advance Bio Agro Tech inks pact with Huvepharma

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Pune based biotech company Advance Bio Agro Tech Ltd (ABTL) has signed global marketing and manufacturing agreement with European pharmaceutical company Huvepharma. The Bulgaria based company has been growing rapidly in global pharmaceutical sector.

The new venture would focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing human and animal health product which will be beneficial to the Indian consumers.

Embattled Bulgarian premier reshuffles cabinet

Sofia  - Under fire at home and from Brussels over corruption problems and the slowness of reforms, embattled Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev reshuffled his cabinet on Thursday, replacing four ministers and introducing a deputy premier to control European Union (EU) aid.

Presenting his new ministers of interior, defence, health and agriculture, Stanishev told parliament that he was responding to the "expectations of Bulgarians."

The reshuffle, agreed earlier this week by the ruling coalition of Stanishev's Socialists, the centre-right National Movement and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms of ethnic Turks, came in the wake of problems which have sent the premier's ratings plummeting.

Gale sweeps Bulgaria, Serbia

Sofia/Belgrade - Strong winds hitting the northern Balkans blew rooftops off of buildings and triggered a state of emergency in one Bulgarian municipality, local reports said Wednesday.

The Zavet municipality, some 350 kilometres north-west of the capital Sofia, was hit late Tuesday by what local reports described as a tornado. It tore the roofs of 250 homes in the area and knocked trees down.

A state of emergency was declared in the area, as teams rushed to clear tree trunks from the roads and restore the power supply. No injuries were reported and damage was still being assessed Wednesday.

Old and new meet in Sofia

Sofia - Perched on a column and dressed in a flowing robe, Sofia sits high above the traffic, watching her city. She sees its Soviet-style block architecture and the golden cupolas on the churches. She takes in her stone-lined arcades, the gleaming high rises and the streets laid over ruins from ancient Roman times.

The sculpture shares more than a name with the Bulgarian capital where she sits at a traffic intersection. Like the city, the statue's young face tells of youth and the future. But her location keeps visitors grounded in the city's rich history.

Guide Venteslav Nikolov waits around the corner. A towering man, he points to a fountain.

Seven killed in Bulgaria road collision

Sofia - All seven passengers in two cars were killed Sunday when their two cars collided head-on in central Bulgaria Sunday morning, police said.

One of the two vehicles exploded in flames following the collision near Plovdiv, Bulgaria's second-largest city, 120 kilometres east of the capital Sofia.

Witnesses said the victims in the burning vehicle survived the initial crash, but perished in the fire. Three of the victims were teenage girls, while the others were men aged 23-44.

Police said they were still investigating the cause of the crash. The car that exploded was apparently equipped with a liquid petrol gas reservoir.

Austrian home improvement chain opens in Bulgaria

Vienna  - BauMax AG, an Austrian home improvement retailer, is opening its first two stores in Bulgaria this week, the company said Monday.

The stores in Plovdiv, Bulgaria's second-largest city after the capital Sofia, and Stara Zagora mark Baumax's entry into a seventh Eastern European nation. Two more openings are planned in Bulgaria this year, the company said in a statement.

Bulgaria, one of Europe's poorest countries, joined the EU last year.

BauMax, like many Austrian companies, has capitalised heavily on Eastern European markets, which account for half of its sales. (dpa)

Inflation in Bulgaria soars highest since 2000

Inflation in Bulgaria soars highest since 2000Sofia - The year-on-year inflation rate in Bulgaria rose to 14.2 per cent in March, the highest in the past eight years, the National Statistical Institute said Monday in Sofia.

Retail prices were by 0.8 per cent higher in March month-on-month and the quarterly inflation rate reached 3.4 per cent.

The 2008 budget envisaged the inflation rate of 6.9 per cent, along with economic growth of 6.9 per cent and a budget surplus equalling 3 per cent of the gross-domestic product.

Bulgarian government survives another no confidence vote

Bulgarian government survives another no confidence voteSofia - Bulgaria's Socialist government on Friday survived a vote of no confidence called by the opposition that alleged the government had close ties to organized crime.

Parliament voted 117 to 82 to defeat the motion with 35 abstentions by all the members of one of coalition partners, the small National Movement (NMSP) party of former king Simeon II.

The motion was the fifth no confidence vote against Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev's government since it took the office in 2005.

Writer, businessman targets in Mafia-style hits in Sofia

Bulgarian FlagSofia - A writer exposing Bulgarian underworld bosses was shot in the head in Sofia Monday, hours after a prominent businessman was killed in an apparent professional hit, local reports said.

Georgi Stoev was critically wounded in cental Sofia by one or two attackers, who fled the scene, the novinite. com news site said. No other details of his condition were immediately available.

Stoev was reportedly conducting interviews, gathering material for his next book on organized crime.

Bulgarian businessman murdered in new gangland slaying

Bulgarian businessman murdered in new gangland slayingSofia - Another prominent businessman was killed in crime- plagued Bulgaria in an apparent professional hit, local media reported Monday.

Borislav Georgiev, 41, was the chief executive of a major company, the Atomenergoremont, which maintains the reactors in Bulgaria's nuclear power plant Kosloduy. He was killed in his apartment building in Sofia Sunday evening with two shots to the head.

Apparently nobody witnessed the murder. Police, alerted when residents spotted Georgiev's body, said a burned car was found not far from the scene of the killing.

Bulgaria supports NATO entry for Macedonia, Croatia and Albania

Sofia- Bulgaria supports entry for Macedonia, Croatia and Albania into the NATO military bloc, a government minister said in the capital Sofia Sunday.

"For us as a land in the Balkans it is very important that the three states Macedonia, Croatia and Albania become members of the alliance," said Defence Minister Vesselin Bliznakov on state radio.

It is also important that all partner-states, such as Georgia and Ukraine, are included in the so-called NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP), Bliznakov said.

NATO ministers will discuss expansion at a summit in the Romanian capital Bucharest from April 2-4. Bulgaria has been a NATO member since 2004. (dpa)

Ruins of late-Roman-era fortress found in Bulgaria

Sofia, Nov 14: Archaeologists have found ruins of a late-Roman-era fortress during an excavation in Svalenik village, nowadays Northern Bulgaria.

The ruin, which was a part of the defence system of the Romans, had been raised in the IV Century as a watch fortification, controlling the road in the River Valley of Malki Lom River.

Archaeologists have so far revealed the south wall and two inner rooms of the fortress, reports News.bg.

The coins and pottery found, suggest that the fortress had survived the big Huns and Goths invasions in the V century, as an already fortified settlement of agriculture population.

Archaeologists unearth Thracian Tomb in Bulgarian Village

Sofia, Sept 18: Bulgarian archaeologists have unearthed an ancient Thracian tomb during excavations near the village of Cherniche.

The team of Georgi Nehrizov, a specialist in Thracian history and culture with the Bulgarian Archaeology Institute, stumbled accidentally on the tomb.

According to a Sofia News Agency report, the two metres long, 1.8 metres wide and two metres high sepulchre is dated back to the 4-3 century BC, and it is completely intact, along with the two-slope surface of the walls.

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