Hungarian crime wave continues with sixth bank robbery in two weeks

Hungary BudapestBudapest - In Hungary's sixth bank robbery in just two weeks, an armed man wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses demanded cash on Wednesday morning from a branch of Unicredit bank in a Budapest shopping centre before making his escape on foot.

A couple of hours later, an armed man robbed a security van of several sacks of money outside another mall on the other side of the city. The police said they have no reason so far to think the crimes were connected.

Hungary calls Nabucco summit a success, though no EU money promised

Hungary BudapestBudapest - The Budapest Nabucco summit has broken the "deadlock that (the gas pipeline project) has suffered over the past few years," Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany told the press on Tuesday afternoon after the conclusion of high-level meetings with stakeholder countries and potential gas suppliers.

"We will do everything we can to make sure that stakeholder countries can come to an intergovernmental agreement by the middle of June," Gyurcsany said. "Following this we will endeavour to set up preliminary agreements with supply countries," he added.

Nabucco summit: EIB and EBRD could be ready to finance gas pipeline

HungaryBudapest - The heads of the EU's European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) said on Tuesday that their institutions are prepared to provide financial backing for the Nabucco gas pipeline project, providing certain conditions are met.

"The EIB is ready to finance projects that further EU objectives of increased sustainability and energy security," said the president of the European Investment Bank Philippe Maystadt during the opening addresses by participants in a "Nabucco summit" in Hungary on Tuesday.

Setting the agenda for Hungary's Nabucco gas pipeline summit

Ferenc Gyurcsany Budapest  - Senior EU ministers, heads of state and financiers began arriving in the Hungarian capital on Monday for a high-level summit to discuss the planned Nabucco gas pipeline.

Hungary's Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said he intends to urge the European Union at the summit on Tuesday to provide financial backing to help get the Nabucco project off the ground.

Nabucco is a 3,300-kilometre gas pipeline that is planned to bring natural gas from Central Asia and the Middle East into the EU. The eight-billion-euro project is seen by the EU as a crucial step towards reducing Europe's dependence on Russian gas.

Ground staff resume strike at Budapest airport

Ground staff resume strike at Budapest airport Budapest  - One of three terminals at Budapest's Ferihegy International Airport was closed from 4 pm (1500 GMT) on Monday as ground staff resumed a strike over pay and conditions.

"Management has made no serious attempt in the past few weeks to solve the industrial dispute," the two unions behind the strike said in a statement.

Budapest Airport announced that passengers should expect delays of a few hours, but no cancellations should be necessary.

Great African Run shows the Dakar rally how it's done

Great African Run shows the Dakar rally how it's doneBudapest  - A motley fleet of more than 200 vehicles set off from Budapest on Saturday on the first stage of the Budapest-Bamako rally, a 9,000-kilometre trek that will take them across Europe and the Sahara Desert to Mali in West Africa.

With Dakar Rally exiled to Latin America by the threat of terrorism, it had fallen to Hungary to organize The Great African Run.