Experiencing Aurora Australis 'alters' passengers' lives!

Experiencing Aurora Australis 'alters' passengers' lives!

London [UK], Mar. 24 : Following a huge explosion of magnetic field and plasma from the Sun's corona, Tasmania's skyline has been aglow in recent days - with vivid purple and green lights illuminating the horizon.

A few passengers, aboard the first commercial flight to witness the Aurora Australis, landed in New Zealand and the 130 star-struck passengers have taken to social media to share their experience.

The duration of the flight was eight-hours and it took off from the South Island on Thursday, flying to a latitude of 62 degrees south to view of the aurora.

International Women's Day 2017: Google Doodle celebrates female pioneers

International Women's Day 2017: Google Doodle celebrates female pioneers

London [UK], Mar. 8 : Google commemorates International Women's Day by putting together a Doodle slideshow to celebrate some of the female pioneers who have paved the way for women today.

It brings together images of 13 remarkable women from history and the internet search giant says each of them have "made a mark in her own way".

"They pursued a range of professions and passions and hailed from an array of backgrounds and countries. In fact, all of these women have been featured in individual doodles in the past, but often only in their countries of origin. So today we're taking the opportunity to share their stories with everyone."

Knights of Malta challenge Pope Francis's authority over condom row

Knights of Malta challenge Pope Francis's authority over condom row

London [UK], Jan. 12 : Pope Francis is facing an extraordinary challenge to his authority from an ancient Catholic order, the Knights of Malta, that is refusing to cooperate with a Vatican investigation into the sacking of a top official over the distribution of tens of thousands of condoms.

Albrecht von Boeselager was suspended December 8 after he refused a demand by the top Knight, Matthew Festing, to resign over revelations that the order's charity branch distributed tens of thousands of condoms in Myanmar under his watch, reports the CNN.

The Catholic church bans the use of contraception.

The ancient order has also warned its members to toe the line if they choose to speak with investigators.

Schurrle helps Dortmund rescue 2-2 draw with Real Madrid in CL clash

London [England], Sept 28 : Andre Schurrle came off the bench to score a late equaliser as Borussia Dortmund snatched a 2-2 draw against defending champions Real Madrid in a pulsating Champions League Group F match at the Signal Iduna Park, Germany.

The Germany international scored the crucial goal in the 87th minute after defender Raphael Varane restored Real's advantage in the 68th, the Guardian reported.

The engaging first half saw Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang cancel out Cristiano Ronaldo's 17th-minute opener two minutes before half time.

Dortmund and Real each have four points from two matches, with the Germans ahead on goal difference in Group F. (ANI)

Pregger Marion Cotillard breaks silence on Brangelina issue

London [UK], Sept. 22 : French actress, Marion Cotillard, who was rumoured to be having an affair with Brad Pitt, has finally spoken out on Instagram to clarify the issue, after the news about Brangelina's splitsville started trending.

The 50-year-old actress posted a lengthy Instagram message to make the announcement and to dispel rumours on Wednesday, reports the Daily Mail.

The Academy Award winner revealed that she is pregnant with her second child and finally wished Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie "peace in this very tumultuous moment."

The 'The Dark Knight Rises' actress addressed reports that she and Pitt had sparked a romance during the filming of their new WWII drama, 'Allied.'

The Instagram message read:

Kanye West amasses a million Insta-followers in just one day

London [UK], Sept. 20 : Just one day into opening his Instagram account and Kanye West already has one million followers on his account.

The 39-year-old rapper had set up an Instagram account after months of consideration and had uploaded just one rather arty picture so far since.

A few months ago, the 'Famous' singer had revealed on Twitter that he was considering joining Instagram.

".I was thinking about getting an Instagram but only on one condition - no one can ask me or try to tell me what to Instagram," he tweeted, adding, "It's my art."

His 35-year-old wife, Kim Kardashian West on the other hand is known for her social media presence with over 82 million Instagram followers and fans.

Preemies suffer lifetime breathing trouble, despite lung treatment after birth: Study

London [England]. Sept 19 : A study says that premature babies, who receive breathing treatments to improve lung function early in life, may have respiratory challenges as children and adolescents

Researchers focused on the most vulnerable subset of premature babies, those born at no more than 28 weeks gestation, reports the Daily Mail.

These babies are too frail and weak to breathe on their own; they often lack a lining in the lungs known as surfactant that keeps tiny air spaces called alveoli from collapsing with each exhalation.

Now, futuristic furniture that can charge your smartphones

Now, futuristic furniture that can charge your smartphones

London, Mar. 01 - A new range of futuristic furniture has been developed that can charge smartphones, which that will bring an end to wire-filled rooms.

Swedish firm, Ikea, has become the first in the UK to launch a revolutionary range of furniture with built-in wireless charging spots, the Daily Star reported.

The phone-boosting fittings include tables, lamps and bedside cabinets. The new range will go on sale next month with prices starting at 30 pounds. (ANI)

Rooney brace inspires Man U to 2-0 win over Sunderland in PL tie

Rooney brace inspires Man U to 2-0 win over Sunderland in PL tie

London, Mar 01 : England captain Wayne Rooney scored twice to help Manchester United beat Sunderland 2-0 and reclaim the third spot in the Premier League table on Saturday at Old Trafford.

Following a goalless first-half, Rooney put United ahead in the 66th minute after a foul on teammate Radamel Falcao, for which Wes Brown was send off instead of John O'Shea, the BBC reported.

Referee Roger East 's decision to red-card Brown elicited protests from the visitors and subsequently, Rooney added a second goal through a header after Adnan Januzaj's shot deflected into his path.

Van Gaal believes lack of 20-goal-a-season striker behind Man U's PL struggles

Van Gaal believes lack of 20-goal-a-season striker behind Man U's PL struggles

London, Feb 28 : Manchester United football team manager Louis van Gaal believes that the club has not challenged for the Premier League title because they are short of a 20-goal-a-season striker.

United's top Premier League scorer this season is Robin van Persie with 10, while in contrast, Diego Costa and Sergio Aguero have scored 17 each for Chelsea and Manchester City respectively.

Van Gaal said that it is true, adding that Van Persie cannot deny it, Radamel Falcao cannot deny it and Wayne Rooney is not playing there much anymore, the BBC reported.

The Dutchman has come under criticised for playing striker Rooney in a deeper position, while Falcao has had limited opportunities, with Van Gaal questioning the Colombian's fitness.

World's first 3D-printed jet engine created

 World's first 3D-printed jet engine created

London, Feb 27 : Australian engineers have recently created the world's first jet engines with the help of 3D-printer.

The work of engineers and researchers at Amaero Engineering and Monash University, located on the outskirts of Melbourne, could lead to cheaper, lighter and more fuel efficient engines, the Independent reported.

The engines were created using a high-powered laser, fusing powdered nickel, titanium or aluminium into the shapes of objects layer by layer. (ANI)

FCC approves net neutrality rules

Tom Wheeler

London, Feb 27 - The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has reportedly approved net neutrality rules that will prohibit paid prioritisation, and the blocking and throttling of lawful content and services in the United States, a report said.

The changes proposed by Chairman Tom Wheeler got the commission's nod after three commissioners voted in favour as opposed to two who voted against it, reported the BBC.

The U. S. Telecommunications Industry Association has asked broadband providers to "immediately" take legal action over the rule changes.

High speed 5G internet may be available by 2020

High speed 5G internet may be available by 2020

London, Feb 26 : Scientists are testing the speed for 5G service for the first time, and it may available sooner than you thought.

By 2020, it may just be possible have recording-breaking speeds to mobiles, where you can download 100 movies in just 3 seconds, the Daily Star reported.

Researchers at the University of Surrey managed to record an incredible one terabit per second speed during a recent test, and this service is around 65,000 times faster than current 4G speeds.

5GIC director Professor Rahim Tafazolli, said that they had developed 10 more breakthrough technologies and one of them means we can exceed 1Tbps wirelessly.

Kevin Spacey to be honored with 'special' Olivier Award

Kevin Spacey to be honored with 'special' Olivier Award

London, Feb 26 : Kevin Spacey will be awarded with a special prize for his outstanding contribution to the Old Vic at this year's Olivier Awards.

Caro Newling, president of the Society of London Theatre said that the advocacy of the Oscar-winner, who became artistic director at London's Old Vic in 2004 has been a constant boon, and they will miss him as a valued colleague, the BBC reported.

The 55-year-old director's final performance as the Old Vic's artistic director will see him revive his title role in 'Clarence Darrow', and previously appeared in several Old Vic productions during his tenure, including Richard II, Speed-The-Plow and Richard III.

First-ever 'full body transplant' just two years away

First-ever 'full body transplant' just two years away

London, Feb 26 : The world's first full-body transplant, in which someone's head would be sewn onto a donor body, will be possible within two years, it has been revealed.

Controversial surgeon Sergio Canavero of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group in Italy believes that this technique can save the lives of people riddled with cancer or whose nerves and muscles have wasted away, the Independent reported.

Canavero said that he thinks people are now at a point when the technical aspects are all feasible. If society doesn't want it, he won't do it, but if people don't want it in the US or Europe, that doesn't mean it won't be done somewhere else.

HSBC chiefs apologise for 'unacceptable' practices at its Swiss bank

HSBC chiefs apologise for 'unacceptable' practices at its Swiss bank

London, Feb 26 - The two top HSBC chiefs have reportedly apologised for "unacceptable" practices at its Swiss bank that helped clients evade millions of dollars in tax.

While Group Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver admitted that it had caused "damage to trust and confidence" in the company, Chairman Douglas Flint said that he felt ashamed and would take "his share of responsibility" for the failings, reported the BBC.

The two bosses were responding to questions from the UK Members of Parliament of the Treasury Committee.

However, on being asked who was responsible for the problems in HSBC's Swiss private bank, Flint pinned the blame on the management in Switzerland. He estimated that about 30 percent of relationship managers were still employed by HSBC. (ANI)

KFC unveils world's first 'melt-in-the-mouth' chocolate coffee cups

KFC unveils world's first 'melt-in-the-mouth' chocolate coffee cups

London, Feb 26 - KFC has launched a unique coffee cup, that you can munch up, after finishing your coffee, and it's made of white chocolate.

The new offering of the giant food chain, called Scoff-ee Cup, has been made from a unique biscuit, wrapped in sugar paper and lined with an indulgent layer of chocolate, which keeps the coffee hot and the cup crispy, the Mirror reported.

After a while, the chocolate lining begins to melt so one has to literally eat the cup up.

Brandy Wright of The Robin Collective, who were partners in the creation, said that the cups not only taste amazing, but they smell delicious too, as they are infused with mood-boosting scents, including freshly cut grass and coconut sun cream.

Mind-controlled 'bionic hand' fitted in three men

Mind-controlled 'bionic hand' fitted in three men

London: Scientists have successfully used a world-first technique to fit three Austrian men with robotic hands that can be controlled just by their thoughts.

All the three men, who received a new technique called "bionic reconstruction," suffered for many years with brachial plexus injuries and poor hand function as a result of motor vehicle and climbing accidents.

It combines selective nerve and muscle transfers, elective amputation, and replacement with an advanced robotic prosthesis, using sensors that respond to electrical impulses in the muscles.

Following comprehensive rehabilitation, the technique restored a high level of function, in all three recipients, aiding in activities of daily living.

Nicole Scherzinger in 'flood of tears' over ex Lewis Hamilton moving on quickly

Nicole Scherzinger

London, Feb 25 - Nicole Scherzinger seems to be upset and has been crying after the reports of her long-time ex boyfriend Lewis Hamilton partying with other women have been doing the rounds of internet.

A source informed that with the split of 'Your Love' singer and the F1 driver, the singing star was in pieces, and when she saw him partying with other women she has been in flood of tears, the Mirror reported.

Notably, the F1 ace star was seen out with a mystery blonde chick, and has also posed with his rumored lady love Naomi Campbell, but captioned that as a selfie with big sis.

The 36-year-old songstress reportedly sent a text to her ex, asking him to stop, but in reply of this he said that he was just letting his hair down, and they have been in contact ever since.

Garlic extract could help cystic fibrosis patients

Garlic extract could help cystic fibrosis patients

London: A chemical found in garlic can kill bacteria that cause life-threatening lung infections in people with cystic fibrosis, a new study has said.

The study is the first to show that the chemical, known as allicin, could be an effective treatment against a group of infectious bacteria that is highly resistant to most antibiotics.

Allicin is produced naturally by garlic bulbs to ward off a closely-related group of plant pathogens found in soil and water habitats.

In the 1980s, the bacteria, known as the Burkholderia cepacia complex (Bcc), emerged as a cause of serious and transmissible lung infections in people with cystic fibrosis.

Measures to limit the spread of Bcc infections among people with cystic fibrosis have brought the number of cases down considerably.

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