BMW recalls nearly half a million cars

BMW recalls nearly half a million carsMunich, April 12 - German car producer BMW Group has recalled almost half a million cars with 6-cylinder engines, since realising that a screw in the engine compartment could possibly break and damage the engine in rare cases, a company official said Friday.

Around 489,000 cars with 6-cylinder engines that were manufactured between September 2009 and November 2011 are involved in the recall, Xinhua reported.

Toni agrees for loan move to Roma

Luca ToniMunich, Dec 31 : Unsettled Bayern Munich striker Luca Toni will move to Serie A side AS Roma on loan until the end of the season, the Bundesliga club confirmed Thursday.

The 32-year-old, who has a contract with Bayern until 2011, made a personal request to the Bayern board to sanction the move as he is concerned about missing out on the Italy squad for the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa.

After reportedly already undergoing a medical on Wednesday, Toni will be officially unveiled by Roma on Saturday and will be available for selection against Cagliari on Wednesday.

Google's Chrome browser focuses on speed, not extras

Google's Chrome browser focuses on speed, not extrasMunich, Dec 21 - Google threw its hat into the browser ring back in 2008. Chrome is what they called their new product, now available in its third iteration. A beta version of the fourth generation is currently making the rounds as well.

While Chrome itself is clearly rapidly changing, one thing seems constant: the developers at Google have their sights on a portion of the market share held by titans Internet Explorer and Firefox.

New BMW 5 series limousine weighs in

New BMW 5 series limousine weighs inMunich, Dec 2 - Sleek, stylish and more upmarket. The sixth generation of BMWs mid-range 5 Series luxury saloon looks and feels a lot like its more expensive 7 series brother.

The car, which was unveiled at the sports stadium in Munich where the city hopes to host the 2018 Olympic Games, is crucial to the Bavarian maker which has seen sales dented by the global recession.

Yahoo improves its search engine

Yahoo improves its search engineMunich, Nov 29 - Searches on the Yahoo engine should soon deliver more results, thanks in part to new filter functions, reports the company.

Those new filters could allow a searcher, for example, to limit results to those found on major websites like Amazon or Wikipedia. The company also reports that its filter allows searches by related terms.

The engine's search methods have also been upgraded, reports Yahoo. It now analyses the search habit of users over a certain period of time to come up with logical connections between past and present searches.

Uli Hoeness elected Bayern Munich president

Uli Hoeness elected Bayern Munich presidentMunich, Nov 28 - Uli Hoeness was elected Bayern Munich president Friday night, moving up at the German Bundesliga football top club after three decades as their general manager.

Hoeness, 57, received 4,458 of 4,490 votes at the annual members meeting to take the place of Franz Beckenbauer, who had led Bayern for the past 15 years. Beckenbauer is now Munich's honorary president.

BMW agrees to sell F1 team to Sauber

BMW agrees to sell F1 team to Sauber Munich, Nov 27 : German carmaker BMW confirmed Friday that it has reached an agreement with Peter Sauber about the sale of the BMW-Sauber team which should ensure it can race in the 2010 Formula One season.

BMW refused to reveal what price had been agreed with Sauber but stated that the deal is subject to the condition the new Sauber team has a starting place on the grid next season.

The agreement means the planned sale to the Qadbak investor group is now off the table.

Pregnant women should check their blood iron levels

Munich - Exhaustion and paleness during Munich - Exhaustion and paleness during Pregnant women should check their blood iron levels are an indication that the mother-to-be has an iron deficiency, Germany's association of gynaecologists said.

Brittle hair and splitting skin in the corners of the mouth are other indications, said Christian Albring, president of the association. When there is too little iron in the blood the placenta and the developing child are not as well supported as when the mother has sufficient iron.

Fast and uncomplicated: Windows 7 on netbooks

Fast and uncomplicated: Windows 7 on netbooksMunich - Windows 7 is here. One of the ways the new operating system from Microsoft stands out is that it doesn't need powerful hardware to run well. This makes it suitable for use in netbooks, which typically come preinstalled with Windows XP.

"Windows 7 runs well on netbooks because we classified them as a target platform during the development process and optimised it for them," says Microsoft's Daniel Melanchton.

Google's Dashboard lets users keep eye on personal data

Google's Dashboard lets users keep eye on personal data Munich  - Dashboard, a new function from Google, lets the company's customers keep an eye on what personal data Google has gathered on them.

For example, the function shows what information is gathered when people use services like Google's e-mail programme Gmail or access other sites, like YouTube, reported the company's German operations.

Giant cannibal galaxy observed having its “last meal” by astronomers

Giant cannibal galaxy observed having its “last meal” by astronomersMunich, November 21 : Astronomers, using European Southern Observatory’s (ESO’s) 3.58-meter New Technology Telescope (NTT), are seeing through the opaque dust lanes of the giant cannibal galaxy Centaurus A, unveiling its “last meal” in unprecedented detail - a smaller spiral galaxy, currently twisted and warped.

Centaurus A (NGC 5128) is the nearest giant, elliptical galaxy, at a distance of about 11 million light-years.

German spy''s wife exposes his gay affair

German spy''s wife exposes his gay affairMunich (Germany), Nov. 19 : A German spy has gone on trial in Munich accused of betraying state secrets after his wife discovered he was having a gay affair.

The spy, a former soldier named in court only as Anton K., 42, began a relationship with a male translator after being posted to Kosovo in 2005 by the German foreign ministry, The Telegraph reports.

Feeling sleepy behind the wheel is dangerous

Feeling sleepy behind the wheel is dangerousMunich - Falling asleep behind the wheel for even a split second is one of the most common causes of serious accidents, according to Germany's motoring association ADAC, warning motorists to take precautions when they feel the first signs of tiredness.

Accident researchers have found that lack of sleep poses the same risk on the road as driving under the influence of alcohol. A car driving at a speed of 100 km/h could be out of control for a distance of 28 metres if the driver falls asleep for one second.

EADS post 77 percent drop in third quarter profits

EADS post 77 percent drop in third quarter profitsMunich  - Aviation giant EADS posted a 77-per-cent-drop in third-quarter core profits, blaming a declining dollar as hitting profits for the Airbus aircraft manufacturer.

Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) fell to 201 million euros (301 million dollars) from 860 million euros in the third quarter of 2008, the company said with the aircraft sector having also been badly battered by the economic crisis.

First aid for forgotten Windows passwords

First aid for forgotten Windows passwordsMunich  - Forget your Windows password and you've got a problem. "Without the password, users can't get back into the operating system," says Thomas Baumgaertner, a Microsoft spokesman at the company's Munich office. Access to personal data is then blocked and the computer cannot be used as normal.

But there's no need to panic. "It's still possible to access your own files," Baumgaertner says. The original operating system

New Apple TV software available

New Apple TV software available Munich  - Apple has released new software for its Apple TV network media player. Version 3.0 offers a redesigned user interface, the company announced.

The new version provides simplified navigation through iTunes libraries, as well as the ability to enjoy a full-screen depiction of the extra information included in iTunes Extras and iTunes LP files on a television.

Apple TV also contains new software to create music playlists and internet radio based on the Genius function. The software is available immediately for free download by owners of Apple TV devices. (dpa)

Microsoft study shows growing threat of computer worms

Microsoft study shows growing threat of computer worms Munich  - The danger of corporate computers becoming infected by worms has risen dramatically recently, according to a new study by Microsoft.

The study showed that, globally, the chances of infection by a computer worm had increased by almost 100 per cent when comparing the first half of 2009 with the same six-month period in 2008.

Six German women given pigskin breast replacements

Six German women given pigskin breast replacements Munich - After giving replacement breasts made from pigskin to six women in Germany, doctors in Munich detailed the new method Thursday, saying it results in fewer scars for masectomy patients.

Senior doctor Darius Dian said the procedure used a "dermal matrix" made from an underlayer of the skin of pigs. The pig's own cells are removed from the skin. The woman's own cells and blood vessels repopulate the material after it has been transplanted.

Klose in quarantine over swine flu

Klose in quarantine over swine flu Munich - Bayern Munich striker Miroslav Klose and his family are under quarantine after his twin sons were diagnosed with swine flu, his club and the German football federation DFB said Thursday.

Klose did not join the German national team squad in Bonn ahead of the scheduled match against Chile on Saturday and it was unclear whether he would be able to play next Wednesday against Ivory Coast.

The match in Cologne against the South Americans was called off following the death of goalkeeper Robert Enke.

Preventing mould in your house

Munich  - Mould caused by the insufficient airing of an apartment, energy-saving heating and windows and doors that are not properly sealed is a common problem in the autumn.

An initiative for energy conservation based in Darmstadt, Germany said the best way to avoid mould is to air the home frequently for 10 to 15 minutes. Sufficient heating throughout the home also helps prevent it, as does additional insulation of the exterior walls.

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