Nigerian militants kidnap British oil worker

Nigerian militants kidnap British oil worker Nairobi/Abuja  - Nigerian militants have kidnapped a British oil worker, killing his police guard in the attack.

Nigeria's The Guardian newspaper said that the kidnapping took place in Rivers State capital Port Harcourt on Sunday.

The kidnap victim is believed to be Allan Priston, who works for the Nigerian company Adamac, which provides engineering services to oil companies.

Kidnappings of oil workers are common in the oil-producing Niger Delta, where armed groups say they are struggling for a fairer distribution of oil wealth.

Nigeria considers amnesty for delta rebels

Nigeria considers amnesty for delta rebels Nairobi/Abuja  - Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua said he was considering an amnesty for rebels in the Niger Delta, who severely damage the West African country's economy with attacks on pipelines and oil-production facilities.

His government was discussing measures on how to reintegrate the rebels into society if they disarm, Yar'Adua said after a meeting of leaders of the ruling People's Democratic Party, the BBC reported.

"We are working on terms for the granting of amnesty for those who are prepared to lay down their arms," the president said.

Nigerian oil workers call off planned strike

Nigerian oil workers call off planned strike Nairobi/Abuja  - Nigerian oil workers called off a strike planned for Wednesday after union leaders met government officials, union leaders said.

The unions were planning to strike in protest at worsening security in the oil-producing Niger Delta and also at plans to deregulate the downstream sector.

Both Nigerian and foreign oil workers have been the targets of kidnappings by criminal groups and militants who claim they are fighting for a share of oil wealth.

The attacks have cut oil production by up to a fifth.

Ukraine police charge Nigerian pastor of evangelical church

Ukraine police charge Nigerian pastor of evangelical church Kiev  - Ukrainian law enforcers on Tuesday formally charged the ethnic Nigerian leader of a hugely popular evangelical Christian church of complicity in bilking his congregation of millions, the Interfax news agency reported.

Pastor Sunday Adelaja, senior pastor of Embassy of God in Kiev, Ukraine, was among the ringleaders in an international scheme to attract funds from Ukrainian churchgoers into questionable Nigerian businesses run by friends and relatives, the accusation read in part.

Kidnapped Russians escape rebel captivity

Nairobi/Abuja  - Two Russian men kidnapped in December by rebels in the Niger Delta have escaped from captivity and have been rescued by the army, a Nigerian military spokesman said on Friday.

The two, who are employees of a Russian aluminium company, were taken by members of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) on December

Lt. Col. Sagir Musa told the BBC that the two men "escaped from a yet-to-be-identified military camp and for the past five days were wandering in the creeks before our own patrol team saw and rescued them."

Nigerian oil workers strike over attacks, kidnappings

Kenya MapLagos - Oil workers in Nigeria's oil-producing Niger Delta went on strike Monday to complain about a lack of protection from militant groups who attack oil facilities and kidnap workers.

Several hundred employees of oil company Total picketed the company's office in Port Harcourt despite union officials delaying industrial action due to begin Monday, local media reported.

Militant groups often attack oil installations and kidnap expatriate workers in the Niger Delta, saying they are fighting for a greater share of profits from oil exploitation for the poor of the region.