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US blames North Korea for 'crippling cyber attack' on Sony Pictures

crippling cyber attack' on Sony PicturesWashington, Dec 18 : The United States has blamed North Korea for the "crippling" cyber attack on Sony Pictures as the Hollywood studio announced its decision to cancel the release of " The Interview," a movie based on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, following threats by hackers to launch a 9/11-style attack on theatres screening the film.

An announcement pinning the blame on Pyongyang is expected to come on Thursday, reported the CNN.

The U. S. believes that the attack was ordered directly by the North Korean government as it enjoys a tight control on the internet in the country.

North Korea to speed up preparations for nuclear test

North Korea to speed up preparations for nuclear testAccording to several reports, the communist government in the isolated nation of North Korea might be planning to move ahead the dates for what is believed to be a nuclear test.

Sanctions mean declaration of war: DPRK

North-Korea-flagPyongyang, Jan 25 : The Democratic People''s Republic of Korea (DPRK) vowed Friday to take "strong physical countermeasures" if South Korea is directly involved in the UN sanctions, which would be seen as "a declaration of war" against Pyongyang.

"We declare complete nullification of the Joint Declaration on Denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula adopted in 1992 and its total invalidity," the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea said said in a statement.

As long as the South Korea persistently pursues a hostile policy, the DPRK will never negotiate with anyone, it said.

Eric Schmidt reveals details about North Korea visit on his Google+ page

Eric Schmidt reveals details about North Korea visit on his Google+ pageBack in the US after his highly-publicized visit to North Korea earlier this month, Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt revealed some details about his three-day trip, in an early Sunday post on his Google+ page.

Google head visits North Korea

Google head visits North KoreaGoogle's executive chairman, Eric E. Schmidt has paid a visit to the isolated state of North Korea and toured a high-tech incubation center in the country.

Schmidt was accompanied by Bill Richardson, the former Governor of New Mexico. They visit a facility that was shown to be a hub of the computer industry in the country that is often described as one of the most isolated and closed nations in the world.

N Korea urged to halt nuclear tests, widen Internet access, and ensure "fair" treatment of detained US citizen

N Korea urged to halt nuclear tests, widen Internet access, and ensure "fair" treatment of detained US citizenDuring the course of its "private humanitarian mission" to North Korea, the nine-member delegation headed by ex-New Mexico governor Bill Richardson and Google's Eric Schmidt met officials in Pyongyang; and requested North Korea to put an end to nuclear and missile tests.

North Korean leader vows to boost economy in New Year address

Kim-Jong-UnPyongyang, Jan 1 : Top leader Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People''s Republic of Korea (DPRK) urged his people to build the country into an economic giant in his New Year address on Tuesday.

Kim reviewed successes made last year and set forth tasks for 2013, according to official news agency KCNA.

He asked to prioritize coal-mining, electric power and metallurgical industries and rail transport, to raise agricultural productivity, and to increase the output of quality consumer goods.

Kim also called for consolidating political and military might of the DPRK.

North Korea marks first death anniversary of Kim Jong Il

North Korea marks first death anniversary of Kim Jong IlThe government and the people of the isolated nation of North Korea are marking the first death anniversary of Kim Jong Il, also known as the great leader in the country.

The authorities displayed the embalmed body of late Kim Jong Il on Tuesday as per the tradition as the country mourned at his first death anniversary. The mausoleum with Kim's body in a lying state was reopened for guests.

Rocket launch by North Korea risks fresh sanctions by UNSC

Rocket launch by North Korea risks fresh sanctions by UNSCThe launch of a long-range rocket by North Korea on Wednesday risks fresh sanctions on the country by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

While North Korea said that it had successfully launched a three-stage Unha rocket carrying a satellite to the space, many countries alleged that it used the banned ballistic missile technology.

The U. S., Japan and South Korea saw the launch as a cover for North Korea's test of long-range missile technology.

North Korea delays rocket launch by a week

North Korea delays rocket launch by a weekThe space authorities in the communist country of North Korea have said that they are delaying the proposed launch of a rocket to 29 December, 2012 after it recorded some technical deficiencies in the first stage.

The earlier announcement on 1, December has said that the rocket will be launched sometime between 10 and 22 December. The country's state controlled news agency said that the launch has been delayed after discovering a "technical deficiency".

Jim Yong Kim selected as new president of World Bank

Jim Yong Kim selected as new president of World BankJim Yong Kim, a Korean-American physician, will replace Robert Zoellick to become the new head of the World Bank.

The global financial institution said in a statement that Jim Yong Kim will replace Zoellick on July 1 as the new president of the World Bank. Kim, who was born in Seoul, South Korea, was selected over Nigerian finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who was backed by developing nations.

Kim promised that he would implement a new order in the World Bank Group to align it better with a rapidly changing world.

Medvedev may meet North Korean leader

Medvedev may meet North Korean leaderMoscow, Aug 24 : Russian President Dmitry Medvedev may Wednesday meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, who is on a visit to Russia.

Media reports said their discussions could focus on a project to build a gas pipeline transporting 10 billion cubic metres annually from Russia to South Korea via North Korea.

The Kremlin earlier said the meeting will be the key event on Kim's visit agenda, but named no specific date, venue or topic for the talks.

Kim, who is travelling in his own armoured train, arrived in Ulan-Ude, capital of the east Siberian republic of Buryatia, Tuesday.(IANS)

DPRK Develops Jab To Cure Liver Cancer

liver diseaseNorth Korea has made announcement about the formulation of a new jab for curing liver cancer.

The injection has been developed by the DPRK Academy of Medical Science.

As per KCNA, the effectiveness of the newly developed Injectio Gallium-66 Microsphere is as high as 90%.

The jab is applicable to cancer of the liver smaller than 5 centimetres.

The scientists attained success in obtaining gallium substance with materials accessible in the country and manufacturing medicament required for the jab.

The report said that the administration phase is twenty days and the maximal cycles are five.

North Korea threatens to retaliate against South Korea

North Korea threatens to retaliate against South KoreaSouth Korea’s planned naval drill near North Korea’s disputed sea border has been endangered of tough corporal reprisal by the latter’s military.

South Korea has accused North Korea for the death of its forty-six seamen as a result of a South Korean ship sinking and thus naval drills have been arranged for five days in the Yellow Sea by South Korea.

North Koreans facing severe food shortages

North Koreans facing severe food shortagesA human rights group has said that thousands of North Koreans are estimated to have starved to death during crippling food shortages in North Korea.

An Amnesty International report released on Thursday in New York said that shortages of food, made worse by government policies, have left some North Koreans eating barely digestible or even poisonous "wild foods" such as grass and tree bark.

South Korea holds submarine exercises due to the rising tension

South-KoreaThe navy in South Korea is conducting a mass anti-submarine drill due to the rising war situations with North Korea over the sinking issue of the South Korean warship.

As per sources, at least 10 warships are involved in this drill and the anti-submarine depth charges and naval weapons are to be tasted.

Earlier, US has also shown its interest to take part in this military drill. The submarine drill is going on at the west coast town of Taean, on the other hand the K1 tanks of South Korea are in the exercises.

North Korea finishes its all ties with Seoul

sinking-South-Korean-warshipNorth Korea has declared to cut all relationship and ties with South Korea. It has announced that there will be no further friendship between both the countries. As per sources, the South Korean workers are working in a jointly run factory on north of the border has been terminated. This action comes after the North Korea was blamed for the sinking of South Korean warship.

US wants to conduct naval exercises with South Korea

US wants to conduct naval exercises with South KoreaUS said that it is interested to go for naval exercises with South Korea after the torpedo attack on the South Korean warship. North Korea was blamed for the sinking.

Pentagon has said the joint military exercises and anti-submarine exercises will start in short period of time. The South Korean President has stopped every kind of trading with North Korea and vowed to punish those who had done this act.

North Korea has cleared that it is fully ready to retaliate for any kind of action or attack against it.

North Korea should be punished for ship sinking-Says US

 North Korea should be punished for ship sinking-Says USThe state department of US has said that there will be definite action against North Korea over the ship sinking issue of South Korean warship in March. North Korea is now facing tremendous international pressure after the investigation team had blamed North Korea for the sinking of that warship in which 46 sailors died.

South Korean navy ship was sunk by North Korea’s torpedo

South-Korea-ship-sinksA torpedo of a submarine that belongs to North Korea had sunk a navy ship of South Korea in March. Now it has been proved with proper evidence. In this incident 46 sailors were missing. But the mystery behind the attack has been unraveled now.

The investigators have found a part of the torpedo on the sea floor. The lettering on that torpedo is just matching with a North Korean design.

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