Pain may curb sex drive in women: Study

Pain may curb sex drive in women: StudyToronto, April 23 - Do not blame her for no action tonight as women in pain often say no to sex as pain from inflammation or some other reason greatly reduces sexual motivation in female than male, research reveals.

In a first such study, researchers from McGill University and Concordia University in Montreal have investigated the direct impact of pain on sexual behaviour in mice.

Li Na confident of a good show in Rogers Cup

Li Na confident of a good show in Rogers CupqToronto, Aug 6 - China's Grand Slam singles champion Li Na, who's vying for the Rogers Cup tennis title, saying she is 'prepared' and 'confident' with her game.

World No. 5 Li, who won the first grand slam tennis singles title for Asia back at the 2011 French Open, will be representing China, reports Xinhua.

Li, who was the runner-up at last year's tournament in Montreal, prepares for her first match Wednesday against Russia's Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova.

Tenants, landlords search for solutions in bed infection combat

Sandra Sidsworth has evolved out a straightforward however effectual arrangements to handle with bed bug influx in the non-profit accommodation units she supports in handling in Eastern Ontario.

It's a straightforward procedure for handling with the enveloping, quick -multiplying bug that could rapidly take on top of a home, or still a complete structure.

Black trash baggage is for matter that requires being sponge down, then dried out at elevated high temperature. Lucid trash baggage holds dirt free, quarantined substance. And orange bags hold infected stuff that required being shattered.

South and West Asian women consider finding a doctor most difficult in Ontario

South and West Asian women consider finding a doctor most difficult in OntarioA new study has claimed that Ontario's South and West Asian or Arab women report most difficulty in finding a doctor and getting an appointment.

It was concluded by the researchers that one in three South Asian, West Asian or Arab women, one of the fastest growing segments of Canada's population, have trouble accessing a doctor to address an urgent health concern
or to monitor health problems.

Ontario should have centralized adoption system

Ontario should have centralized adoption systemAn expert panel appointed by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty last summer presented various suggestions regarding infertility and adoption in the report titled “Raising Expectations.” The report was compiled on the basis of data from a year-long study.

The expert panel suggested there should be a centralized adoption agency rather than presently operating "patchwork" of adoption services. Due to lack of systematic adoption system the parents have to wait for years while there are 9,400 children a year waiting for adoption.

Regular drinkers more prone to binge drinking

regular drinkingRecent study revealed that regular drinking can lead to binge drinking. People who drink regularly take more than two drinks to come in festive mood.

Lead researcher, Catherine Paradis, a Universite de Montreal PhD candidate, said: "Regular drinking builds up tolerance, therefore daily drinkers will need more than their usual drink or two to make a difference with everyday life and gain that festive feeling."

Finding Heart-Healthy Food

Finding Heart-Healthy FoodNext time finding heart healthy food for your family makes you go into a tizzy, try to relax and come to terms with the fact that there is nothing much you can do about that. Recent studies show that very few of these food products actually show strong evidence of lowering heart disease risk.

Calories to be mentioned on menus to help children make healthier choices

Calories to be mentioned on menus to help children make healthier choices Rising rate of obesity in children has become a serious issue demanding wholesome efforts of parents and society to fight it. Obesity has risen dramatically since the early 1990s. Faulty food habits are one of the prominent reasons behind rising rate of obesity. The Ontario Medical Association made proposal which could help in cutting down high rates of obesity in children.

17 feared dead as copter falls into frigid Atlantic

17 feared dead as copter falls into frigid AtlanticOntario (Canada), Mar. 13 : At least 17 people, including 16 offshore oil rig workers, are feared dead after their helicopter fell in to the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday.

According to a Globe and Mail report, the helicopter had flown out of St. John''s, and was hit by mechanical problems half-an-hour later above the choppy seas of the North Atlantic. One person was rescued and one fatality confirmed.

Oliver All Tangled Up In Nineteen Nuptial Knots

Oliver KilleenIn what seems to be a case of polygamy under wraps, the infamous bigamist Oliver Killeen, 71, turned himself in to the police yesterday.

According to police, Killen married a number of women in Ontario and other parts of the world, including Europe, but never got legally divorced from the prior spouse for any of the unions.

He was charged with a single count of bigamy and released on a promise to appear in court next month.

Lake Ontario''s human footprints date back to 11,000 yrs, not 100,000 years

Lake Ontario''s human footprints date back to 11,000 yrs, not 100,000 yearsOttawa, Nov 24 : A new research has suggested that human footprints found a century ago in Lake Ontario, Canada, are 11,000 years old, not 100,000 years, as was indicated by previous research work.

In the fall of 1908, while building a waterworks tunnel east of Hanlan''s Point in Toronto Bay, a work crew came across 100 footprints in a layer of blue clay.

The prints appeared to have been left by people wearing moccasins.

Lettuce, The Possible Culprit In Ontario’s E. coli Outbreak

Lettuce, The Possible Culprit In Ontario’s E. coli Outbreak Rene Cardinal, a Canadian Food Inspection Agency official talking to the Canadian Press, stated Romaine lettuce is believed to be the prime suspect in four E. coli outbreaks in southwestern Ontario. 
Suspected in outbreaks in two other regions, romaine lettuce shows a common thread among three groups of people in Niagara i.e. those who felt ill after eating at either M.T. Bellies in Welland or the Little Red Rooster in Niagara-on-the-Lake. 

Ham Products Recalled Over Listeria Concerns

Ham Products Recalled Over Listeria Concerns Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Mariposa Meats issuing a public warning have asked for ham products distributed in Ontario to be recalled, as they could be contaminated with listeria.

According to the federal agency, the only product affected by the recall is Old Style brand's Thin Sliced Honey Ham that is sold in 450-gram packages with a best-before date of 17th November 2008 and UPC symbol 6 28292 50001 7.

Pollution will take several lives in Canada

Pollution will take several lives in CanadaThe recent report presented by Ontario Medical Association has shown that that the increasing amount of pollution will take several lives in Canada.

Researchers did a national analysis to asses the impact of smoke on public health. Researchers also claim that increasing pollution will also adversely affect the national economy. Researchers used a model to calculate the number of deaths and health care costs.

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