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US FDA gives Final Nod to Sun Pharma’s Pantropazole Tabs

Sun Pharma
New Delhi: Finally, Sun Pharma has got approval from the USFDA for its abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) of pantoprazole tabs, for treating oesophagus disorders.

In a statement, the company said the commendation for pantoprazole tabs, generic edition of Wyeth’s Protonix, is for multiple potencies of 20mg and 40 mg.

“Sun Pharma being one of the first-to-file an ANDA for generic Protonix with a para IV certificate, shares a 180-day marketing exclusivity,” the statement added.

“The company is currently evaluating its launch options,” it also said.

Bush To Outline New Iraq Strategy

US President George W. BushWashington: US President George W. Bush has confirmed that he would set up a new Iraq strategy after hearing from his top functionaries and pepped up his war-weary compatriots to rally behind the plan.

On Saturday, in his weekly radio address taped in Australia where he is presently attending the Asia-Pacific meet, Bush said, “I will discuss the changes our strategy has brought to Iraq. I will lay out a vision for future involvement in Iraq -- one that I believe the American people and their elected leaders of both parties can support.”

Bin Laden Tape Surfaces again before September 11

Osama bin Laden
Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden has termed the United States as "weak" in his new video which has appeared after three years. Osama also vowed to increase Al-Qaeda activities in many parts of the world, especially in Iraq. CIA Director Mr. Michael Hayden warned recently about plans of large-scale attacks of Al-Qaeda on US targets.

US Suicide Rate Hits 15 Year High

SuicideWashington: According to the U.S. administration, the suicide rate for children and young adults aged 10 to 24 has increased 8% in 2004, marking the largest yearly increase in over 15 years.

A report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that the rise followed up a cumulative fall of over 28% in the suicide rate from 1990 to 2003, and was fueled by increases in suicide rates among girls between 10 to 19 and boys 15 to 19.

U.S. Nosing About Laden’s Videotape To Get Clues

Osama Bin LadenWashington: The U.S. security representative has reported that the new tape supposed to be from Osama bin Laden, about 30 minutes long, has no obvious threat against the United States.

According to the security official, intelligence agencies are still looking at the video picture to find out if the speaker is bin Laden.

The security official told that the tape displays –

- The speaker who seems to be Osama makes detailed references to the U.S. participation in the Iraq War that shows the videotape may have been made sometime in 2007.

US looks forwards to more Secure Asian Democratic System

President George W. Bush
US President George W Bush has expressed the need for growth of democratic system across Asia.

In a lecture previous to the Asia-Pacific summit in Sydney, he stated free countries should work collectively in order to back up democratic bodies.

Mr. Bush singled out Burma, calling on the military administration to release all political prisoners, comprising opposition head Aung San Suu Kyi.

Mattel Recalls over 800,000 Toys due to Lead Scare

Mattel Toys
New York: Toy manufacturer, Mattel Inc announced a third recall of Chinese-made toys, stating it would bring back over 800,000 units throughout the world with “prohibited” levels of lead.

The most recent recall consists of three Fisher-Price toy models and eight Barbie brand playsets. Barbie dolls were not included in the list.

In the last five weeks, Mattel had already made up two recalls of millions of Chinese toys because of extreme quantities of lead paint and other risks.

Halle Berry is Expecting!

Halle Berry
Los Angeles: Oscar-winning screen star Halle Berry confirmed the entertainment news program that she is expecting her first child with partner Gabriel Aubry.

Berry, who won the 2001 Academy Award for Best Actress in Monster’s Ball, said she was three months into her pregnancy.

'Stern and Birkhead were gay lovers' alleges book on Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith
New York, Sept 3 : A new book on the late Anna Nicole Smith has revealed that the model's long time partner Howard K Stern and her daughter's biological father Larry Birkhead were gay lovers.

The book 'Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death' written by former MSNBC journalist Rita Cosby alleges that Smith and her friend caught Stern and Birkhead red-handed.

Surgeries to Shape Labia, Restore Hymen, Tighten Vagina are Unsafe – ACOG

WASHINGTON - The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has cautioned that the cosmetic procedures, often publicized as "vaginal rejuvenation," "designer vaginoplasty," or even "revirgination," are not medically necessary and are not guaranteed to be safe.

It is deceptive to give the impression that any of these procedures are accepted or routine, stated the ACOG, which educates and accredits the doctors treating women and delivering babies.

FDA statement on Merck’s AIDS Drug, Isentress

MerckWashington: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration staff documents released on Friday has sustained that the benefits of an experimental AIDS drug developed by Merck & Co appear to overshadow risks.

The documents posted on the agency's Web site articulate that the FDA staff endorses the safety and effectiveness data of the pill, called Isentress. On Sept. 5, a panel of FDA advisors will meet to review the Merck’s bid and for recommendation.

Brad and Angelina Want More Kids

Brad Pitt"Yeah, we're ready," said Brad Pitt, when asked if they were ready for more kids.

During an interview with an Italian TV station during the Venice Film Festival, Pitt said, “Having kids is the most fun I've had and also the biggest pain ... I've ever experienced. I love it and can't recommend it any more highly -- although sleep is nonexistent."

So, Shiloh, Maddox, Pax and Zahara may soon have a new bro or sis!

Fifteen Minutes Of Hypnosis Session Alleviates Breast Cancer Surgery Pain - Study

Chicago: According to U.S. scientists, women who had hypnosis before breast cancer operation wanted less anesthesia, and experienced less fallouts as compared to those who got counseling as a substitute.

Guy Monygomery of Mount Sinai School of Medicine on New York stated, “This is a randomized clinical trial of 200 patients that really showed beneficial effects for patients. It really works well.”

RIM Shares Up Amid Microsoft Adoption Plan

Research in Motion Ltd.Toronto: Research in Motion Ltd moved higher on yesterday on renewed market assumption that Microsoft Corp could be interested in adopting the Black Berry manufacturer.

Frederic Ruffy, a market analyst at options education firm Optionetics in California, said, “Microsoft has been mentioned as a possible buyer.”

Roche Molecular West Nile Virus Test Gets FDA Nod

West NileThe automated West Nile virus test conducted by Pleasanton’s Roche Molecular Systems Inc. has won U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorization

It is the second FDA sanctioned examination for identifying the virus in blood and organs.

San Diego’s Gen-Probe Inc. developed the initial test, which is marketed by Emeryville’s Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Inc., part of Novartis AG.

Bush To Summarize Subprime Mortgage Scheme

Washington: U.S. President George W. BushAccording to a senior US administration official, the U.S. President George W. Bush will delineate reforms today proposed to assist householders with subprime mortgages avoid default.

"He will also discuss reform efforts to prevent these kinds of problems from arising in the future," the senior administration official said.

Various market analysts advise that a spreading credit disaster could pull the United Stated economic system into depression but the Bush government has repeatedly stated that U.S. economic basics are strong and that worldwide development is healthy.

Consumer Alert On The Beef Infected With E. coli Bacteria

E-Coli BacteriaA consumer alert was issued by the Federal and state health officials on Thursday, after infected beef sickened nine people – six in Washington, two in Oregon, and one in Idaho. On the eve of the start of what historically is a popular weekend for grilling, the state health officials urged consumers to check the beef in their freezers and make sure it doesn't include possibly contaminated beef.

US Housing Prices Stable in Second Quarter

According to a benchmark federal report, house prices the United States are still rising, but the growth is slowest in a decade. The slow growth in the market can be attributed to stringent conditions from lenders. Technical experts believe that the conditions may turn worse in the months to come. The situation is the worst in past 16 years in United States.

Mississippi Is The Fattest State In US

ObesityMississippi has topped the list of ‘fattest states' in the US with an obesity rate of 30% for the third successive year.

The Trust for America’s Health, an investigation group that focuses on preventing disease, states over 20 percent of mature residents in 47 other states are also considered overweight

Alzheimer’s Vaccine Proves Effective In Mice

Alzheimer's diseaseUS scientists state that a vaccine designed to fight a protein culpably involved in Alzheimer's disease has proven efficient in mice.

A team of researchers at the New York University Medical Centre noted abnormal tau protein collects into damaging dishevels in the memory centre of the brains of patients suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.

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