Reliance Assures Brighter Future

Though inflation is only rising and till now has given no indication of reducing, Reliance Mutual Fund is pretty much sure that this wind of uncertainty would pass on and day full of positivity would rise.

There is no doubt that for now equity market is performing below the level but if Reliance Mutual Funds verdict is to be considered then investors’ efforts would not go in vain and in coming 12 to 18 months, the invested equities would generate positive returns.

They have not only predicted about the equity but also about the inflation as well as about the interest rates. Despite numerous efforts taken by the concerned authorities, no positive result was found on which the country could cheer up. As per Reliance prediction, by 2012, inflation would come down at 6% and by 2013; it would further reduce by 1% keeping the inflation at 5%. While on the other hand, interest rates would get deduct up to 100 basis points by next year and by 2013, nation would witness further decline by 150 to 200 basis points.

Many would feel that the above given statement is baseless, but it would happen, and they also affirmed that if investment is made now, then he could expect some very good returns in next 12 to 18 months.

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