Retired correction officer kills man at Brooklyn's Borough Hall station

According to police, the Borough Hall subway station in Brooklyn saw bloody chaos on Tuesday night, when a retired correction officer shot and killed a man. According to police sources and a witness, the man who was killed Gilbert Drogheo, 32, and another person started irritating the retired officer as he got on a Brooklyn-bound 4 train at the Bowling Green station in Manhattan around 6:30 pm.

The witness, 30-year-old Thomas Berry of Crown Heights, who was going back to his home from work and saw the argument, said that they were fighting badly and they seemed to be drunk.

According to the witness, Drogheo or his friend told the older man, "Oh, I got you now, my n-----. (The older man) said, 'I'm not your n-----, I'm not your boy. Leave me alone, don't talk to me. He was being really calm".

According to police, all three men were black; however Berry said that one seemed to be Hispanic. According to Berry and police, the argument didn't stop; instead it heated up when the train left the station and moved through the tunnel under the East River. The situation got worse when one member of the two hit the retired officer in the head when he tried to go away.

The case is being investigated; however, the shooter was not charged immediately and his name was also not revealed. A high-ranking police source said that he seems to be a licensed gun-holder, so they first need to make sure that whether it was a bad shooting or not, only then further decision could be taken.