Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone Cases are Available on Official Website

Good news for people eagerly waiting for Samsung Galaxy S6 cases: There is a list of cases of this amazing phone on the company’s website, but there are some phone cases that are grabbing special attentions of users. Crystal encrusted Swarovski case is the one attracting lots of buyers.

Some other cases of Samsung Galaxy S6 that buyers should consider before making final purchase are: Samsung Galaxy S6 Swarovski Case, Samsung Galaxy S6 Speck CandyShell Inked, Samsung Galaxy S6 Kate Spade Cases, Galaxy S6 OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES, Samsung Galaxy S6 Caseology Waterfall and Galaxy S6 Leather Wallet Folio.

People who love to wrap their phone in a case encrusted with crystals should go with Samsung Galaxy S6 Swarovski Case. The case comes in green, blue, and gold color. It looks like the case was designed by the company to provide protection for the rear of the phone.

Users who prefer a slimmer case should choose Galaxy S6 OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES for their phone. It is not protective like other cases of the device, but its floral patterns are making the case very popular to its customers.

Galaxy S6 Leather Wallet Folio is another case in the series that can be used as protection and a wallet. The case, which costs about $60, is made up of leather and has a many slots to keep cash and credit cards. People who are looking for cost-effective case, then Samsung Galaxy S6 Caseology Waterfall could be the best available option. The transparent case offers users to put their photos at the rear of the phone.