Samsung Launches Six New ‘Guru’ Series Mobile Phones In India

Samsung Launches ‘Guru’ Series Mobile Phones In IndiaWith the intention to expand its ‘Guru’ line, Samsung has made announcement about the launching of six new mobile handsets in the Indian market.

The newly launched entry-level handsets include Guru 1070, Guru 1100, Guru 1125, Guru 1210, Guru 1310 and Guru 1410.

The company said that all these mobile phones are based on the same handsets that were launched during the last year (2008).

These six new Samsung Guru handsets, which will hit market in 2009, come with a variety of astounding features.

The Guru 1070 and the Guru 1100 phones feature a 65K color CSTN display, Mobile Tracker, Bright Torch, integrated Bollywood ringtones and Soduku Java game and many more.

The Guru 1125, Guru 1210 and Guru 1310, which come in a stylish form factor, come with Stereo FM Radio.

The Guru 1310 features a stunning clamshell design with a sleek front fabrication, whereas the Guru 1125 and the Guru 1210 sport a candy bar shape.

Some of the other elating features of these phones include 65K Colour CSTN display, advanced Mobile tracker 40 polyphonic ringtones, a Hinglish database and Call Time Limit. All the phones offer great hours of talktime.

The best of the bunch has to be the Samsung Guru 1410 that comes equipped with an MP3 player plus double loud speakers. Other features include Bluetooth, 4MB of internal memory plus an option to expand that with SD card slot.

The Guru 1070 and Guru 1100 phones will be available at a price of Rs 1649 and Rs 1779 respectively.

The Guru 1125, Guru 1210 and Guru 1310 handsets will carry a price tag of Rs 2149, Rs 2259 and Rs 2649 respectively.

And lastly the Guru 1410 is priced at Rs 3,429.

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