Someone steals Papa John's Pizza Camaro

Police has reported that a special Camaro that belongs to the owner of American restaurant company, Papa John's Pizza, has been stolen in Detroit. According to the police, thief has stolen the Camaro along with the trailer.

As per reports, the car, gold 1972 Camaro Z-28, was taken to Detroit for the annual Woodward Dream Cruise. John Schnatter sold the vintage Camaro for about $1,600 to start his pizza business. The car is very famous as it was displayed in a number of commercials for the restaurant company through the years.

Earlier, it was brought to Detroit, and was kept inside a trailer. The Camaro was parked in a lot on Woodbridge Street, the reports stated. Before the midnight, everything was all right and the vehicle was safe there. The reports indicated that the trailer and the Camaro disappeared sometime between midnight and 7:30 am.

The police tried to find the vehicle with the trailer, but they are still missing. The vintage car was once bought by John Schnatter, who is founder of Papa John's International, Inc. Schnatter sold the vehicle in 1983 so that he could save his dad's tavern. He utilized the rest of the money to begin his now successful pizza chain.

To buy his vintage vehicle, Schnatter did a discovery, and found it in Lousiville and bought it. While providing information about the matter, Detroit police said that a surveillance video has caught the incident, and they are working to catch the thief and recover the vehicle.