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New radio technology connects USB devices wirelessly

Hanover, Germany - USB ports are practical. They can be used to connect a keyboard, printer or digital camera to a PC in seconds flat. The major drawback is the various cables that end up cluttering your workstation.

The good news: A new wireless technology may soon be ready to provide some relief in this area. It is known as Wireless USB, or WUSB for short. The first devices using the technology were presented in early March at the CeBIT computer fair. Even so, most consumers may not find it worthwhile to make the switch just yet.

New generation wireless mouse unveiled

New generation wireless mouse unveiledWellington, Mar 11: A new generation of wireless computer mouse has been introduced at the CeBit computer show in Hanover.

The Swiftpoint Slider, designed by Christchurch inventor Grant Odgers, is a wireless magnetic mouse which would work without a battery and is designed to slide over the keypad of a notebook computer.

The mouse will turn the computer itself into a mousepad as it is tracked by electromagnetic sensors fitted under the computer's keyboard.

Tiny semiconductors may provide rapid, long-lasting computer data storage

London, March 9: Computer Data StorageGerman and Turk researchers have shown that storing information into tiny semiconductors called quantum dots is just a matter of nanoseconds.

Dieter Bimberg, a researcher at the Technical University of Berlin who led the project, said that said that quantum dots could fill the gap left by modern-day computer memory by facilitating rapid and long-lasting information storage.

He said that memory based quantum dots can provide a storage speed nearly as fast as quick dynamic access memory (DRAM), which computer these days use for short-term memory.

Unique locks on microchips could help to reduce hardware piracy

Micro ChipWashington, March 6 : Computer engineers at the University of Michigan and Rice University have devised unique locks on microchips, which could help to substantially reduce hardware piracy.

The new technique, called EPIC (Ending Piracy of Integrated Circuits), would use locks on microchips, to head off this costly infringement.

According to the research team, each chip would have its own unique lock and key. The chip would securely communicate with the patent-holder to unlock itself, and it could operate only after being unlocked.

CBI submits second report on Nandigram violence to Calcutta HC

Central Bureau of InvestigationKolkata, Feb. 14: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) submitted a second report on the March 14, 2007 firing incident in Nandigram, West Bengal, to the Calcutta High Court on Friday.

The incident left 14 people dead, and the high court had asked the CBI to make inquiries into what prompted the police to open fire when thousands of villagers had gathered to protest the police's forced attempt to enter Nandigram.

Locals have been agitating against the state government's decision to acquire land for a chemical hub in Nandigram.

Ultra portable laptop computer launched

New Delhi, Jan 18 :Ultra Laptop Computer Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology, A. Raja, today launched ultra portable range of laptops of HCL here today.

Raja said that affordability of systems will ensure that the power of computing reaches to everyone, especially, the homes, education sector and the small and medium businesses.

There is an increased corporate participation in bringing IT within the reach of the common man by introducing innovative computing solutions.

He said that new launch will prove a boom in the IT sector.

Dundee is the brainiest city in Britain

ComuterLondon, Jan 18 : The British city of Dundee is the brainiest town in the UK, and one of the seven brainiest places in the world, according to experts.

The city received the intelligent tag after being recognised by an international group of computer technology experts as part of an awards proposal, acknowledging job creation and economic development.

Dundee has two universities, a range of revolutionary small businesses and is home to The Beano and The Dandy.

Intelligent Community Forum's (ICF) shortlist of finalists, was announced in Hawaii on Jan 16, and also includes cities from South Korea, Estonia, Canada and the US.

Nanolasers to pave way for inch-square 10-terabit hard drives

Washington, Dec 24 (ANI): Researchers at the Sakhrat Khizroev’s lab at the10 Tera Bite Hard Disk University of California, Riverside have developed nanolasers, which are so tiny that they point to a future where a 10-terabit hard drive is only one-inch square.

The lasers can concentrate light as small as 30 nanometers. This is 50 times the data density of today’s magnetic storage technology, a technology that has nearly reached its limit for continued miniaturization.

The study, led by Professor Dmitri Litvinov, plans to refine the nanolaser to produce light beams as small as five or 10 nanometers.

Logitech Uncovers 'G9 Laser Mouse' To Beef Up Its G-Series

Logitech has uncovered its latest G9 Laser Mouse to beef up its logitech-g9-laser-mouseaward-winning line of G-series. The PC gaming device, the G9 Laser Mouse has been modified for the best personal fit, feel, and performance.

Logitech G9 features interchangeable grips,such as Wide-Load grip and Precision grip, on-the-fly dpi that keeps switching ranging from 200 dpi to 3200 dpi. The Laser Mouse also features full-speed USB laser tracking, an onboard-memory profiling system, weight tuning, a custom-color LED and the hyper-fast MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel.

Thinkstation: Lenovo’s New Indentity

Lenovo_ThinkStationLenovo has entered the business workstation market with the launch of its new ThinkStation brand, which includes ThinkStation S10 and D10 workstations. Lenovo was the third largest PC maker in the world in the third quarter, behind Hewlett-Packard and Dell.

The dual processor ThinkStation D10 workstation will offer the Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processor 5400 series, while the single processor ThinkStation S10 workstation will offer the latest Intel® Core 2 processors including the Intel® Core™2 Extreme processor QX9650 along with the latest graphics solutions from NVIDIA

Abacus Peripherals To Launch New Biostar 945GC-M7 TE MB In India

New_Intel-based_Biostar_945GC-M7 TE_MotherboardAbacus Peripherals has declared that it will launch the new Intel-based Biostar 945GC-M7 TE motherboard (MB) in the Indian market next week.

The next updated edition of the Intel 945GZ chipset, based on the Intel 945GC/ICH7 chipset, the new 945GC-M7 TE motherboard is capable of supporting CPUs with 1,333 MHz FSB. The new motherboard will come with GMA 950 graphic chip support, and will offer to 224MB of shared memory.

Specifications of the new Biostar 945GC-M7 TE motherboard include –

AMD Unveils Quad-Core Processor

AMD's Opteron processorBangalore: As pricing force screws up in the microprocessor section, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is marching ahead against its rivals, mainly chief opponent Intel Corp.

A day later its worldwide launch, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), yesterday uncovered its quad-core microprocessor Opteron for different servers utilized by data centres and business enterprises in the subcontinent.

Fujitsu Launches Solid State Drives

After the recent Fujitsurelease announcement of cheap SSDs made by Intel, Fujitsu also announced its entry in the field of solid state drives. At present, there are two major established companies in the SSD market i.e. SanDisk and Samsung. Fujitsu Computer Systems introduced this offer for the first time as an option in its ultra-portable computers. With this offer, the machines are expected to become more durable for work in the field.

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