UK to see the launch of Nintendo’s DSi

NintendoOn 3rd April, UK would see Nintendo launching its new DSi, two days before its release in the US - at a retail price of 149 GBP.

A source, on condition of anonymity, disclosed, "A third iteration of Nintendo's hugely successful handheld hardware, the DSi adds two cameras while slimming the proportions, and perhaps most significantly adds both an SD card slot and 256MB of memory, transforming the DS into a multimedia tool."

Indiagames launches Dev D video game

Dev DOnline gaming and mobile games company, Indiagames on Monday launched its latest mobile game, 'Dev D', joining bollywood films Ghajini and Chandni Chowk to China which have been converted into video games.

Dev D was launched by Indiagames' CEO Vishal Gondal in the presence of the two leading actresses, Mahi and Kalki, of the Abhay Deol's film.

Vishal Gondal, CEO, Indiagames, said, "Movie companies have started looking at mobile gaming very seriously as an opportunity. This year has been great for us as we have started with 'Ghajani', followed by 'Chandni Chowk to China', and now we are doing 'Dev D'."

Nintendo brain-trainer 'no better than pencil and paper'

Nintendo brain-trainer 'no better than pencil and paper'It has been proved by a novel study that a Nintendo that carries a price tag of £100 is no better than a 10 paise pencil at stimulating the memory. After the latest study, the claim by Nintendo that the DS Lite boosts the brain has been disapproved.

Popular shows brought on PlayStation Network by Sony and MTV

Popular shows brought on PlayStation Network by Sony and MTV With the aim to bring to the PlayStation Network video service, MTVN’s collection of shows to the PS3 and PSP networks, SCEA and MTV Networks (MTVN) have joined hands.

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Convert iPhone into Wii-like Controller

Convert iPhone into Wii-like ControllerApple has been taking initiatives to popularize iPhone and iPod touch as mobile gaming platforms with many big game publishers like EA, Sega and others, already rolling out iPhone OS version games. But now, Social Gaming Network has come up with MMO concept of gaming over iPhone and iPod Touch.

The gaming applications were showcased by the game developers on Facebook, Hi5, Bebo and MySpace, who also showcased their four sports games - iGolf, iBaseball, iBasketball and iBowl - on Apple App Store. partners with Greystripe to provide ad-supported quality gaming content partners with Greystripe to provide ad-supported quality gaming content