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‘Human flesh’ search engine virtually lynches people with unbecoming behaviour

New Delhi, July 5 : A search engine named Renrou, which literally means human flesh, is the new judge and jury of angry netizens as it virtually punishes people with unbecoming behaviour.

Court grants Viacom access to YouTube user’s record

Melbourne, July 3 : A District Court judge has ordered YouTube to hand over the details of each clip watched on the website—along with the date, time, and IP address of each user who watched the clips—to media giant Viacom.

Judge Louis Stanton granted Viacom access to the records as part of its ongoing copyright infringement lawsuit against Google, and its subsidiary YouTube.

Whenever a YouTube user watches a video, the website’s "Logging" database records the user ID and IP address of the viewer, as well as the date and time of the request and the ID of the clip.

Asian IT managers favour technology reducing capital expenditures

Information TechnologySingapore - Asian information technology (IT) managers consi

Mars, IBM launch project to sequence the Chocolate Genome

London, June 26 : A project called, the Chocolate Genome Project, aimed to decode the genetic structure of the cocoa tree, has been launched by chocolate company Mars, with the aim of improving coc

Security flaw tarnishes Firefox download record

Mozilla Releases Firefox 3 Beta 4 Internet Web Browser

eBay sellers warned not to provide addresses in online ads

ebay hackerMelbourne, June 19 : While internet auction sites like eBay ga