IBM computer will have power of 2 million laptops

IBM computer will have power of 2 million laptopsIBM has recently announced an even speedier supercomputer, just after seven months it came out with world's fastest supercomputer. The new one however is being learnt to have computing power of 2 million laptops.

On Tuesday, IBM informed that it is working to come up with technology for its new Sequoia computer, with delivery scheduled in 2011 to the Department of Energy for use at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

India all set to launch ultra cheap laptop

cheap laptop, BSNLIndia is all set to launch an ultra cheap laptop, developed as part of a broader national plan to attract Indian colleges and schools toward emerging trends in information technology. The laptop, known as Sakshat, is aimed to bridge gap between rich and poor by linking 18,000 colleges and 400 universities across the country.

The laptop will have 2GB inbuilt memory and user friendly applications. It would be available for just Rs 600, giving stiff competition to rival PC manufactures like the One Laptop per Child's XO machine and the Intel Classmate.

UK Markets welcomes the arrival of Acer's 10-Inch Aspire One

UK Markets welcomes the arrival of Acer's 10-Inch Aspire OneThe U. K. market recently witnessed the official launch of the long-rumored 10-inch Acer Aspire One netbook by Acer. The motive behind the launch of this 10-inch screen net-book is primarily to update its popular 8.9-inch Acer Aspire One and also to serve to the needs of mobile employees.

Gianfranco Lanci, president and CEO of Acer, said in a statement, "Despite the recent problems of the financial markets and general economic uncertainty, the netbook and notebook markets will continue to grow in 2009."

Is the Crunchpad Linux tablet a viable web surfing device at $299

Is the Crunchpad Linux tablet a viable web surfing device at $299It was announced by web2.0 news website TechCruch's, Michael Arrington last summer that he might build a $200 web tablet; however now it seems that there is a Prototype B being shown off.

The device dubbed as CrunchPad looks nice, but it will cost $299 instead of $200. The device features a 12 inch touchscreen display and is powered by a Via Nano processor.

Let us give a look at the present specifications of the CrunchPad:-

1.    12 inch 1024x768 pixel resolution display with 4:3 aspect ratio

Acer Aspire 10-inch to be out soon

Acer Aspire 10-inch to be out soon Acer's most popular netbook, the 8-inch Aspire one, has been launched. However, as they say, every rose has a thorn, this incredibly small netbook too has some flaws. For starters, many feel that an 8-inch screen would apparently be too small and they expect a netbook with at least 10-inch screen.

But it would be really nice to know that soon Acer would come out with 10-inch version of the same model. Though there has been no word on pricing or availability, it has been learnt that the machines with 10-inches screen will run on the Intel Atom N280/N270.

Acer Aspire One priced at Rs 14,499

Acer Aspire One priced at Rs 14,499 Good news for all those, who wanted to buy a new laptop but the higher price was acting as a constraint. Acer Aspire One, the world's largest selling netbook could be availed at an affordable price of Rs 14,499.

It has been announced by the company that it would sell the Aspire One netbook Linux version for just Rs 14,499 and the Windows XP Home version for Rs 16,499 in the Indian market.

However, it should be noted here that this offer is only for a limited period from 9th January to 20th January and both listed prices exclude the taxes.