China Mobile buys 12 per cent stake in Taiwan's Far East Tone

China Mobile buys 12 per cent stake in Taiwan's Far East ToneTaipei - China Mobile, China's largest cellphone company, signed a strategic alliance agreement with Taiwan's Far East Tone Wednesday, becoming the first Chinese firm to invest in Taiwan's telecommunications business.

The signing ceremony was in Hong Kong, while Far East Tone Chairman Douglas Hsu spoke to reporters in Taiwan via a video link.

Hsu said that China Mobile will pay 17 billion Taiwan dollars (524 million US) to buy 444 million shares of Far East, gaining 12 per cent stake and one board director's seat in Far East Tone.

Report: Apple may take iPhone from AT&T

Report: Apple may take iPhone from AT&T San Francisco  - Apple's iPhone could see wider distribution in the US next year as the company has not yet agreed to a request from AT&T to extend the telecom giant's exclusive rights to the hit smartphone, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

The report said the exclusivity deal signed in 2007 is set to expire in 2010 and AT&T is asking Apple to extend it for two years.

Samsung announces its dual-SIM mobile phone “Samsung B5702”

Samsung B5702 dual-SIM mobile phoneIt's sleek and stylish slider phone; it's the phone that can work with two SIM cards at the same time; well, it's the new Samsung B5702 mobile phone announced by Samsung Electronics! The largest electronics company in the world - Samsung Electronics has unveiled its new dual-standby mobile phone, Samsung B5702.

Samsung has claimed that Samsung B5702 is the world's first dual-standby mobile phone to support quad-band connectivity. The phone features two LED lights to indicate which of two SIM cards is used for the incoming calls.

Nokia gearing up to enter into rural market in India

Nokia gearing up to enter into rural market in IndiaThe world's largest manufacturer of mobile telephones – Nokia is now preparing to enter into the developing rural market in India, seeing that the urban market is getting increasingly concentrated with mobile technology. Anticipating a strong business potential in rural market, Nokia is teaming up with some micro finance institutions to get into the rural arenas.

DoT planning to introduce 11 digits numbering system for CDMA and GSM mobile phones

Dailing Mobile PhoneYour CDMA and GSM numbers are likely to be expanded to 11 digits by early next year! Yes, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), which, onetime maintained that the ten-digit mobile number system will go on for the next 30 years in India, is now considering introducing 11 digits numbering system.

Samsung showcases new produces at CTIA 2009

Samsung showcases new produces at CTIA 2009The world's largest electronics company – Samsung Electronics recently unveiled several of its new products at CTIA 2009 in Las Vegas. The Seoul, South Korea based Samsung showcased its Instinct S30, some AMOLED phones and its new Mondi Internet tablet.