Uber Celebrates Fifth Birthday

Travis Kalanick, Co-founder of Uber, was choking standing on stage at Uber's 5th Birthday celebrations. He added that it is a major milestone for the company.

The audience including drivers, employees, the press, and his parents chuckled appreciatively when Kalanick filled up with emotions admitted that he is not perfect and nor is his company.

He said like everyone else they have also made several mistakes, but at Uber, they are passionate enough to learn from their mistakes.

In its five years of run Uber has been marvelous. Available in 311 cities in 58 countries, it employs 3,000 people full time and has on boarded more than 1 million drivers.

Uber has widely expanded the market for taxi service, and has told investors its revenues will grow 400% this year to $2 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It is said the company is presently rising between $1.5 billion and $2 billion in new capital, valuing it at $50 billion, which will make it the most valuable venture-based company ever.

Despite its high achievement and success stories, Uber still makes some people enormously uncomfortable, thanks to a series of missteps of last year that vaulted it into the upper ranks of corporate 'supervillainy'.

It also regularly mislead drivers about the amount of pay they could expect to take home, armed street teams with burner phones and credit cards to recruit competitors' drivers, and coldly pledged to replace those drivers with autonomous vehicles as soon as it became feasible.

Kalanick even shared his vision of reducing traffic in your city, cutting down on pollution, and creating good jobs for your neighbors.