''Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show 2013'' will contribute to economic growth: Modi

/Narendra-ModiGandhinagar, Jan 8 : Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said the ''Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show 2013'' would open doors to strengthen old business relations, which would contribute to the growth of the economy.

"All the trade shows, which have been organized were not only to lure the visitors but to ensure that it acted as a catalytic agent to promote business. It is over that business worth billions of rupees takes place," said Modi, who inaugurated the ''Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show 2013'' here.

"The objective is to enable the sellers and buyers share technology, knowledge and build a long-term relationship. The show also open doors to strengthen old business relations and it will contribute to the growth of the state," he added.

Modi further said the show would help students gain technical knowledge and enable them to enhance their skills.

"People should not look at this trade show merely from business point of view. It should be used a platform to inculcate and promote right values in the future generation. The students should learn about the technical education. If these students participate in such shows, then it will help them to form a vision and they will thinking will broaden," he added.

The ''Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show 2013'', which began today, has been organized with an aim to provide a platform to national and international investors, businessmen and industrialists.

Participants, including diplomats, industrialists, academia and thinkers from more than 105 countries and 1800 foreign delegates are expected to attend this show, which would conclude on Sunday.

Delegations of senior business leaders and diplomats from Canada, Japan, USA, United Kingdom and the UAE would also be part of this show. The participants in this show will discuss subjects like sustainability, innovation, youth and skill development, knowledge sharing and networking. (ANI)