Workplace ostracism more damaging than bullying

Workplace-OstracismToronto, May 30 : If your colleagues give you the cold shoulder at work, this can not only make your urge to quit the job stronger but also do more harm to your health than bullying.

Being ignored at work is worse for physical and mental well-being than harassment or bullying, a new study noted.

"Ostracism actually leads people to feel more helpless, like they are not worthy of any attention at all," said professor Sandra Robinson from University of British Columbia in Canada.

The researchers found that people who claimed to have experienced ostracism were significantly more likely to report a degraded sense of workplace belonging and commitment, a stronger intention to quit their job and a larger proportion of health problems.

"There are many people who feel quietly victimised in their daily lives, and most of our current strategies for dealing with workplace injustice do not give them a voice," Robinson added.

The study is forthcoming in the journal Organization Science.(IANS)