7,000 year-old unique statue discovered in Czech Republic

Prague, Oct 20 : Czech archaeologists have uncovered a part of a half-metre high statue of a woman dating back to 7,000 years in Masovice, South Moravia area of the Czech republic.

The hollow legs and haunch of the female statue, made of ceramic, date back to sometime between 4,800 – 4,700 BC, experts from Brno's Masaryk University told the daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD).

Archaeologist Zdenek Cizmar said people of the pre-historical culture made the statue, which is now known as the “Moravian Painted Ceramic”.

“The statue was decorated with yellow paint. It is of an immense archaeological value,” said Cizmar.

Masaryk University expert Vladimir Podborsky said that the find could be described as very unique.

“No statue of such dimensions and such type has been uncovered either in Europe or in Orient so far. It has a great scientific importance,” Podborsky said.

The paper has called the statue “a find of the century”. (ANI)