Base Fisker Ocean price increases, but top trim now comes at discount of $7,500

Base Fisker Ocean price increases, but top trim now comes at discount of $7,500

Manhattan Beach, California-headquartered American automaker Fisker Incorporated has confirmed that it has reduced the price of its most luxurious Ocean electric model, called the Ocean Extreme, by $7,500. Following the reduction, the Fisker Ocean Extreme e-SUV is now available at the attractive price of $61,499, significantly down from its previous price of $68,999. It is worth-noting here that this substantial reduction aligns perfectly with the federal government’s maximum tax credit value, a credit the e-SUV doesn’t qualify for. The existing customers who have already placed orders or have purchased an Ocean Extreme will also receive a price adjustment, even if their vehicles are already in production. Unluckily, those who have already taken delivery of their reserved e-SUVs won't benefit from this attractive price cut. It may be noted here that the company has already delivered Ocean One limited edition models and Ocean Extreme units to a select number of pre-order holders.

Henrik Fisker, the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fisker, emphasized the importance of adapting to competitive dynamics in the quickly growing EV market, and expressed the automaker’s commitment to ensure that customers can enjoy more accessible options within the Ocean lineup.

When asked for a comment on the price adjustments, CEO Fisker said, “It is essential that Fisker responds to competitive realities in the rapidly growing EV market. We want our customers to have greater access to the Ocean and to be able to take advantage of its exciting combination of innovative features, striking design, sustainable materials, and class-leading range.”

The Fisker Ocean Extreme boasts a robust 113-kWh battery pack (106 kWh usable) utilizing Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) chemistry, which results in an impressive EPA range of 360 miles on a single charge.

However, the pricing adjustments do not end with the Fisker Ocean Extreme as the company has also announced that it is going to implement price increases for the base trim Ocean Sport and the mid-level trim Ocean Ultra from November 6, 2023. Thus, customers now have less than two weeks to secure their EV at the current pricing.

The Ocean Sport will experience a price increase of $1,500, shifting from $37,499 to $38,999. The Ocean Ultra will become costlier by $3,000, going from $49,999 to $52,999.

Conveying his unwavering confidence, CEO Henrik stated that they held strong beliefs in the ongoing demand for the Ocean EVs. He went on to predict that the Sport and Ultra models would become the top sellers, starting next year, with no impact from price adjustments.

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