BMW poised to enter compact EV segment with Neue Klasse-based EVs in 2027

BMW poised to enter compact EV segment with Neue Klasse-based EVs in 2027

German multinational luxury carmaker BMW is poised to enter the compact EV segment with a new approach through its innovative vehicle architecture called Neue Klasse, which has specifically been designed for battery-electric vehicles.

According to sources familiar with BMW’s future plans, the German luxury car brand is already busy in developing two different compact all-electric models that will most probably be named as the BMW i1 and BMW i2, both of which will serve as the successors to the brand’s original bespoke EV, called the i3. It is worth-mentioning here that the i3 was once the world’s second-best-selling electric car after the widely-acclaimed Nissan Leaf.

The company discontinued the production of the BMW i3 in July 2022. By that time, the i3 had been in production for nearly nine years, and more than 250,000 vehicles had been delivered globally. Currently, the company is selling the iX1 and iX2 cars as its smallest battery-powered vehicles. However, these two electric offerings are not as cool as the i3.

The new BMW i1, which is expected to enter the market sometime in the year of 2027, will be an all-electric hatchback. It will be electric equivalent of existing ICE-powered 1 Series. The i2, which will be taller crossover, will enter the market a year later. It will reportedly be available in two types: a boxier, more practical body style that will be apt for those seeking functionality and space, and a coupe-like model with a sleeker design similar to the existing iX2.

BMW has developed two versions of its innovative Neue Klasse architecture, the rear-wheel-drive (RWD) NAx and front-wheel drive (FWD) NBx. The NAx will be used for vehicles from 3 Series models upward, while NBx will be used for smaller FWD models. Both versions of this innovative EV-dedicated platform will also enable the manufacturer to build dual-motor all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles in more potent models. The first BMW EV based on Neue Klasse platform, which will be the production version of the automaker’s Vision Neue Klasse X concept, is scheduled to make debut in 2025.

The introduction of Neue Klasse platform-based EVs will surely mark a significant milestone in BMW’s evolution, positioning the German automaker at the forefront of the compact EV market. New models based on the new architecture, which are expected to enter the market in 2027, promise to redefine expectations that consumers have from compact EVs.

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