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Journey becomes more pleasant during flightless travel

Journey becomes more pleasant during flightless travelIt's time to rethink what actually constitutes a vacation as the summer travel season is here.

For many of us, a vacation starts with a trip to the airport and a hurry-up-and-wait for ticketing, security, check-in, boarding, takeoff and the flight itself. Throw in weather delays and by the time we get to our destinations, we wonder what possessed us.

The journey should be part of the equation, not the torture before and after, says Tom and Lorraine McMillan, co-founders of Flightlesstravel. com.

Non Assured Penzance Ferry Funding

penzance-vesselRecently the plan for the Penzance ferry includes replacing the two ferries with one larger vessel.

However the same may doesn’t have the assurance that the government may fund the proposed new ferry link between Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.  Also the Plans for a £44m terminal in Penzance to make the links between the county and the islands had been pulled in front.

Further the Department of Transport expressed the schemes awarded to the conditional approval by the previous government shall not support by the current coalition.

Avail 25 percent off Go-Go on in-flight Wi-Fi

Avail 25 percent off Go-Go on in-flight Wi-FiFor all the travellers an amazing offer in the form of promotional code has come up that comes in handy for all those frequently travel.

The offer that lasts until July 10, 2010, avails one to save 25 percent on the GoGo Internet in-flight Wi-Fi session. And thus, the offer is named as SAVE25.

A few things one needs to look-out whilst opting out for this offer is the 'gogoinflight' Wi-Fi signal at 10,000 ft, next thing comes with the opening of browser.

India Records 16% Growth In Tourist Arrivals In May

India Records 16% Growth In Tourist Arrivals In MayAccording to figures released by the tourism ministry, the country's foreign tourist arrivals during the last month (May 2010) increased by around 16% as compared to the same period of last year (May 2009).

The report said that foreign arrivals during May grew by 15.5% to 345,000 as against 299,000 in May 2009.

The foreign tourist arrivals in May 2008 stood at 304,000. In this way, there was a pessimistic growth of 1.9% during the last year from the year before.

The arrivals in May were much higher than in April 2010.

Dubai Metro on top of quality in the world

Dubai Metro on top of quality in the worldThe service of Dubai metro is world class, but its quality is going to be more enhanced soon. The authorities are looking forward to introduce some better qualitative driverless metro systems in the country.

As per a recent survey report, the quality of Metro is the maximum in all across the globe. It has been found out that its service is even better than that of North East Line in Singapore and the Docklands Light Rail in London. It has scored around 99% in the quality rate.

DMRC AC buses to now run on 20 routes

Delhi-Metro-Rail-CorporationIt surely gives the commuters of Delhi a reason to smile. In an announcement made on Monday, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has announced that it air conditioned feeder buses will become operational.

Moreover, these buses will run on 20 routes. These buses were much awaited since while on one hand they connect the various stations of Metro Rail; on the other they promise a comfortable ride on the routes this summer

The announcement also said that the contractor has not yet been finalized but what routes are going to a part of this program have already been charted out.

National Express sees a good first quarter, remains optimistic for the year

National Express sees a good first quarter, remains optimistic for the yearBritish bus and rail operator National Express Group Plc said today that it had posted a good start of the year 2010 as it has delivered a good result in the first quarter of the year. The company said that its cost saving programs and stronger operational focus resulted into improved margins in the first quarter.

National Express said in its interim management statement that the profit across all of its businesses was reported up in the first quarter of 2010.

Mahindra Holidays net profit up to 41.3%

Mahindra Holidays net profit up to 41.3%Mahindra Holidays and Resorts have announced its first quarter for the year 2010 and have registered a remarkable hike in its net profit. The net profit of the company has increased by 41.3% in this quarter.

The company has earned Rs 117.84-crore during the period as net profit. It was around Rs 83.41-crore in the previous year for the same quarter.

NSE ties up with Rajdhani to widen financial awareness

NSE ties up with Rajdhani to widen financial awarenessThe National Stock Exchange of India has announced that it has tied up with country's fastest train Rajdhani Express to spread financial awareness among the investors of the country.

The Indian Railway authorities have also accepted the offer from NSE and it has been implemented on the Delhi-Chennai Rajdhani Express. The Rajdhani Express may be splashed with colorful images of the National Stock Exchange in near future.

Queensland Government appoints business leaders to QR National Board

QR-NationalThe Queensland government announced today that it has appointed many senior business leaders to the QR National board. The Government said that as many as nine members were being named to the board to prepare QR National for its ASX listing. Shell Chairman Russell Caplan and former Australia Post chief Graeme John are the big names who are joining the board of the section of Queensland Rail to be privatized this year.

Spain Records 3.2% Growth In Tourist Arrivals In March

Spain Records 3.2% Growth In Tourist Arrivals In MarchThe industry ministry announced that the arrival of worldwide holidaymakers in Spain climbed up 3.2% in March 2010 to 3.5 million, the largest monthly increase since May 2008.

The data showed an improvement with regard to facts provided in recent months by the ministry's Tourism Studies Institute.

During Feb this year, tourist arrivals declined by 1.5%.

The review published on Thursday also mentioned that during the last year, tourist arrivals fell down 8.7%.

Eurostar recovers after snow fiasco

EurostarThe rail link of the country Eurostar has reported to back in track. It has managed to recover from the major snow debacle in the month of January and has produced some impressive sales figure.

The massive snowfall had affected the high-speed rail link hugely and the firm has produced very low sales in the first quarter of the year. Now the travelers are returning to avail the rail service and sales of Eurostar tickets have gained momentum.

Travel agents can’t charge you commission anymore

Travel agents Travel agents cannot charge a transaction fee from customers, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation said.

From December 2008, private airlines had stopped paying commission to agents and had demanded that customers pay agents the amount.

On Friday the DGCA said that allowing this would make fliers vulnerable to unscrupulous travel agents who can demand exorbitant amounts as transaction fees.

The authority said travel agents and airlines should mutually decide the amount of the commission. The DGCA has set up a team to monitor airlines’ adherence to the directive.

Increase In Number Of Indians Holidaying In Australia’s Victoria Region

Increase In Number Of Indians Holidaying In Australia’s Victoria RegionThere has been a 26% growth in Indians vacationing in Australia's Victoria state during the last year as against the corresponding period in 2008.

The data has been disclosed by a survey, which comes in the backdrop of a series of attacks on Indian pupils in Australia.

State Tourism Minister Tim Holding stated that more Indian residents than ever were vacationing in Victoria.

Tourism in Singapore Shows Signs of Improvement

Singapore-TourismWith the coming of 2010, Singapore's tourism seems to have been given a boost once again. During the year, the country is expecting to host 11.5 million to 12.5 million visitors and bag about S$17.5 Billion to S$18.5 Billion in tourism receipts. The figures have been shared by the Singapore Tourism Board and have been a result of the significant rise in tourist numbers recorded during the initial months of the year.

Toll shares fall after a disappointing H1

Toll-LogoToll Holdings Ltd released its first half results today and the share fell down by nearly 18% in today's trading as the company posted a decrease of 32% in its net profit for the first six months of the fiscal.

According to market analysts, Toll had experienced one of the toughest trading environments for the logistics sector in many years. The share prices fell down to the six month low. Toll shares closed at A$7.10 on Thursday after falling as low as A$7.00.

Singapore opens its first casino

Singapore has opened its first ever casino on the auspicious eve of the Chinese lunar year in a bid to diversify its economy. Lim Kok Thay, Chairman of Resorts World Sentosa and its developer, Malaysia's Genting Group said, "We are confident to meet our goal of 13 million visitors (per year)."

The move would turn the city-state into a playground for the rich Asian gamblers that would in turn push its economic growth. Initially selected guests would be allowed in the casino which is a part of S$6.59 billion resort located on Sentosa Island in the southern coast of Singapore.

Hotels feel the burn as Singapore tourism drops by 4.3 per cent

According to the city-state's tourism board, Singapore saw a fall in Tourist arrivals by 4.3 per cent in 2009 to 9.7 million. Hotels were hit hard as visitors stayed away due to the economic

recession and the H1N1 flu outbreak. A strong rebound in the last quarter allowed for a "very credible" performance over the whole year, tourism board chief executive Aw Kah Peng said.

For the month of December, visitor arrivals reached a record 971,000.

However, the board said that tourism receipts over the year were estimated at 12.4 billion Singapore dollars (8.7 billion US dollars), 19 per cent less from a year earlier.

Government plans to Launch National helpline For Tourists

India Tourism

“India will soon launch a helpline for tourists to know more about various destinations and to seek help if they are in distress”, said Minister of State for Tourism Kumari Selja, at an International Buddhist Heritage Conference in Nalanda in Bihar organized with an aim to promote Buddhist circuit in India.

More than 110 eminent monks and scholars, academicians and tour operators are participating in the conference which has delegates from 18 countries. The conference aims to let people experience Buddhism in the land of origin.

Travelport to float itself, raise $1.78 bn

TravelportLooking at the overall investment sentiment getting better, the online travel company, Travelport is planning to float itself on the London exchange. As a result, it expects to rise close to $1.78 billion.

Travelport includes operations like hotel and airline booking under the banner of Galileo. The total value of the company is close to $3.05 to $3.45 billion. This is higher than the earlier calculated value of $3 billion. However, experts believe that the company is overvalued.

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