Mozilla Makes Private Browsing More Private

Mozilla Makes Private Browsing More Private

Latest actions by subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation are indicating that the company is dedicated to making private browsing more private. According to reports, the company is working to block those website elements that could help a third person find out actual browsing behavior across sites.

A number of current browsers, including Firefox, offer an option ‘Do Not Track’, but most browser companies do not provide the promised results. The tools that are being experimented by Mozilla have the ability to obstruct those third parties that track a user by using cookies, or browser fingerprinting.

Mozilla Firefox replaces default Google search engine with Yahoo

mozilla firefoxWellington, Nov 20 : A report has said that Mozilla is replacing Google as the default search engine with Yahoo for users in the United States.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Mozilla and Yahoo said that they had sealed a five-year partnership that will provide a "framework" for other possible integrations and deals, reported Stuff. co. nz.

The move follows tensions between Mozilla and Google with the search giant's Chrome browser stealing away Firefox 's market share for years. (ANI)

Mozilla to bring Rs 1,500 Firefox smartphones to India

Mozilla-intex-mobileNew Delhi: Mozilla, the developer of the Firefox web browser, has tied up with handset makers Intex and Spice to bring smartphones priced at USD 25 (Rs 1,500) to India in the next few months, a move that may redefine the "ultra-affordable" mobile phone market in the country.

Mozilla showcased a smartphone prototype costing as little as USD 25 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, targeting developing countries including India and China. The Firefox operating system devices will compete with phones using Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows platforms.

Mozilla unveils restyled Firefox with improved features

Mozilla-FirefoxWashington, Apr 30 : Mozilla has released the latest version of Firefox, in which they have restyled the overall look and improved several features.

According to The Verge, the new version of Firefox will emphasize on customizability and user-friendliness.

The new version will include sleek and smooth tabs that will help users navigate the web faster.

The menu includes a "Customize" tool that lets users add or move any feature, service or add-on.

The changes in the new version can make Firefox line up with browsers like Chrome (ANI)

Panasonic to build Firefox OS-based smart TVs

Panasonic to build Firefox OS-based smart TVsPanasonic has announced a partnership with Mozilla that will allow the Japan-based consumer electronics giant to build and sell smart TVs based on the Firefox OS.

Firefox OS is Mozilla's mobile operating system for devices whose applications are chiefly intended to be written in HTML5 and JavaScript.

Owners of Panasonic smart TVs will be able to monitor and operate them from within and outside of the homes, and use cloud services to get cross-leveraged content from the Web and broadcasting.

Mozilla launches automated security testing platform, Minion

Mozilla launches automated security testing platform, MinionNon-profit organization, Mozilla has announced the launched of a new automated security testing platform called Minion.

The new Minion will offer a flexible and easy to use security testing platform allowing developers to integrate it into virtually any development workflow. The company said that it began the Minion project year earlier and it is being implemented. The release of the version 0.3 marks the major public release for the platform.

Mozilla previews Firefox OS

Mozilla previews Firefox OSSoftware vendor Mozilla on Sunday previewed the first commercial build of its Firefox operating system, which is said to be built around apps written using HTML5.

Mozilla also announced several smartphone release plans, claiming that the new operating system is a better alternative for low-end smartphones in developing countries.

The software vendor said that Alcatel One Touch, ZTE and LG Electronics would start selling new OS-based, Qualcomm processor-equipped smartphones sometime in summer this year. ZTE is all set to unveil its first phone in Barcelona today, Monday.

Mozilla introduces Firefox OS phones

Firefox-OS-phonesSan Francisco, Jan 23 : Browser maker Mozilla Tuesday introduced two phones powered by its open source Firefox OS platform with focus on low-end markets.

In partnership with a Spanish start-up named GeeksPhone and Spanish telecommunications provider Telefonica, Mozilla unveiled two 3G phones, Keon and Peak, for its mobile system, reported Xinhua.

Rather than catering for mainstream customers, the two phones are for developers preview, enabling them to develop apps and improve the operating system.

ZTE to get behind Mozilla’s new Firefox OS for phones

ZTE to get behind Mozilla’s new Firefox OS for phonesAccording to a Bloomberg report, citing the information shared by ZTE's US chief Cheng Lixin at the CES 2013, ZTE has plans in place to bring Mozilla's brand new Firefox OS on to the handsets.

Going by an announcement by Cheng, ZTE intends using the Firefox OS in a forthcoming smartphone, which will initially be released - some time during the year 2013 - on yet-to-be-named European carriers. Thereafter, depending on the sales in Europe, the Firefox-based handset might also hit the US markets this year.

Mozilla’s Facebook Messenger plug-in for Firefox keeps Facebook users constantly connected

Mozilla’s Facebook Messenger plug-in for Firefox keeps Facebook users constantly connectedThe Facebook Messenger plug-in from Mozilla - the company behind the popular Web browser Firefox - allows the users to save their valuable browser space; giving them the advantage of getting their notifications and chat without having to actually open the social network's website.

Mozilla releases Firefox 16

Mozilla releases Firefox 16The Firefox 16 version - meant to be a much enhanced platform for developing apps for the desktop browser as well as the mobile web - has recently been released by Mozilla, with the aim of giving the web developers a notable array of new tools to build and debug websites.

Mozilla releases “Firefox Metro Preview”

Mozilla releases “Firefox Metro Preview” Mozilla has recently announced the release "Firefox Metro Preview" - the first preview of its Firefox build for Windows 8. Though "Firefox Metro Preview" underscores a hybrid version of Firefox, it has been specifically designed to take advantage of the 'Modern UI' touch-friendly interface of Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 8 OS.

Mozilla’s Firefox back in second spot in desktop browser market

Mozilla’s Firefox back in second spot in desktop browser marketAccording to the statistics shared by market research firm Net Applications, Mozilla's Firefox browser notched up to its second-rank spot again in the desktop browser market in August, pushing Google's Chrome browser to the third spot.

As per Net Applications' data, Firefox accounted for 20.05 percent of desktop browser market in August, overtaking Chrome's 19.13 percent share during the month. The August figures clearly brought Firefox in a firm second place, which had been grabbed by Chrome relatively recently.

Mozilla launches prerelease version of Firefox OS

Mozilla launches prerelease version of Firefox OSMozilla, the maker of Firefox web browser, has just launched a pre-release test version of its Firefox OS allowing developers to experience the platform before the platform is launched for mobile phones.

The test version of the OS is now available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The instructions are available on the Gaia/Hacking site. The developers need a Gaia profile to launch a build and might face a black screen.

Google ties up with Mozilla for search engine integration

Google ties up with Mozilla for search engine integrationInternet giant, Google has entered into a deal with Mozilla to keep Google as the default search engine for the Firefox browser.

Google will pay $300 million annually to the company for the integration of the search engine into the browser. The two companies have agreed to continue their partnership for another three years, adding to almost $1 billion payment by Google to the browser.

Mozilla releases first beta version of Firefox 5

Mozilla releases first beta version of Firefox 5Mozilla has released the first beta version of its Firefox 5 on Friday after a month of the release of the browser in the cutting-edge Aura channel.

The new version offers improved performance and stability, the Firefox channel switcher and support for CSS Animations. The browser’s support for CSS Animations is still subject to formal approval from the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards group. It allows developers to add animations and make aspects more attractive.

More reports Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 2

Mozilla-Firefox4-Beta2Mozilla has come out with second beta of the Firefox 4.0 web browser and has since then has occupied the top slot on news.

The new interface and improvements includes tabs-on-the-top placement for the Mac OS X users at the same time adds the "App Tabs" to keep a close eye on most commonly used web apps and services.

It is soon after the launch of Firefox 4.0 beta 1, the new beta version rolls out offering a facelift to Mac users who might have been wishing for this offering.

Updates on Firefox’s iPhone app

Updates on Firefox’s iPhone appMozilla is working on an app for the iPhone to be called "Home" that will allow users with admittance to their own Firefox desktop.

The Mozilla browser on the home based screen authorizes to link with history, bookmarks and tabs which will be linked with the browser session using the Mozilla sync, a system that is akin to the sync process that is already available on the iPhone.

Firefox Home although a true browser wouldn't serve to be a full Firefox browser, but rather one that uses the browser already installed on the iPhone.

Mozilla preps developers for Firefox 4

Mozilla preps developers for Firefox 4Leading Browser, Mozilla has informed that the Firefox 4 is going to support the upcoming IndexedDB standard. The IndexedDB standard is basically meant for local database storing for the web applications. This has been informed in the released on Mozilla's new Firefox 4 for developers site.

The main advantage of this IndexedDB interface is that, it provides the user to access web applications at the time when there is even no network connection. This is going to be an all new inclusion for the HTML standards. The proposed IndexedDB is going to be an effective addition to the HTML standard.

Mozilla Firefox will now debut in Android 2.0 and above

fennec-androidMozilla's latest mobile Firefox, codenamed Fennec, has been rolled out in its pre-alpha version on Android 2.0 and above.

One of the finest browsers that promise of utility with speed is now featuring with its latest version for mobiles. This version is supposed to be a debugged one, with un-optimized memory utilization.

Although still in its testing stages it faces a bit of quirks while rebooting the app as it started or when a new add-on is installed.

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