CPx Explorer marks VMoto’s entry into thrilling world of adventure e-scooters

CPx Explorer marks VMoto’s entry into thrilling world of adventure e-scooters

Diving deeper into the realms of electric mobility, VMoto has officially unveiled its latest product: the VMoto CPx Explorer, a battery-powered two-wheeler that offers a perfect blend of adventure aesthetics with eco-conscious functionality. Renowned as a trailblazer in the sphere of electric mobility, Australia-headquartered VMoto offers an extensive array of electric, tailor-made two-wheelers to meet the diverse needs of both daily commuters and fervent riding enthusiasts. At the EICMA 2023, the company drew back curtains to reveal the CPx Explorer, marking a notable addition to VMoto's lineup.

In the recent years, the two-wheeler market experienced an unprecedented rise in the "adventure scooter" as a number of established and new brands entered the sphere. With the introduction of the Honda X-ADV in the year of 2016, a new era ushered, inspiring a number of other manufacturers to follow suit. Now, amidst the fast expansion of electric motorcycles, electric two-wheelers are treading a similar path as their internal-combustion counterparts. The VMoto CPx Explorer emerges as an early contender in the realm of electric adventure scooters, signaling a new direction for the segment.

Derived from the APD Concept, and crafted in collaboration with the esteemed Italian design house Pininfarina, the VMoto CPx Explorer signifies a significant leap forward for the brand. Its unconventional design directly captivates with eye-catching features like LED embellishments, angular bodywork, and a towering windscreen that enhances comfort for the rider. While retaining the essential scooter essence, the manufacturer has ensured that the new e-scooter doesn’t compromise on practical features. Thus, it houses conveniences like a flat floorboard and an integrated luggage rack at the rear.

Other notable specs and features of the new VMoto CPx Explorer includes an 8-kW electric motor, delivering approx. 11 horsepower, which is enough to propel the e-scooter to a top speed of 105 km (65 mph), perfectly suited for urban navigation and occasional jaunts beyond city confines. The battery promises a range of around 100 km (62 miles) on a single charge, catering to daily commuting needs.

Underscoring the brand’s transition towards a more adventurous platform, the VMoto CPx Explorer retains the reliability and durability of its predecessor, the CPx Pro, which notably clinched a Guinness World Record by covering a distance of 1,932 kilometers (1,200 miles) within 24 hours at Italy's Tazio Nuvolari circuit.

As of now, VMoto hasn’t disclosed the pricing and availability details for the CPx Explorer, creating an air of anticipation and curiosity among enthusiasts eagerly awaiting its official launch.

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