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NASA drops the idea of developing permanent base on Moon

The space agency of United States – NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) on Wednesday told Congress that it has dropped the idea of developing permanent base on the moon, instead it will focus its operation on Mars.

Chris Scolese, the acting administrator of NASA, told the legislators that the space agency will not build permanent station on Moon as originally planned, but the agency will continue its missions to Mars; in fact, human missions to Mars or a near-Earth asteroid.   

Woman reveals how her gift of one-year sex to hubby changed their lives

Woman reveals how her gift of one-year sex to hubby changed their livesLondon, Apr 29: An American woman has revealed how she pledged a year of sex to her husband as a gift for his 40th birthday, and how it changed their lives.

Charla Muller, 42, from North Carolina, USA, even went on to write a book about the experience she had with her hubby salesman Brad, who is now 42.

The mother of two started out by telling how her husband literally fell over when he heard the offer, and how he even refused it.

Scottish hero of Great Escape dies at 97

Scottish hero of Great Escape dies at 97Edinburgh, Apr. 29: A Scot who played a major role in the legendary Great Escape during the Second World War has died.

Alex Lees'' heroic efforts helped dozens of Allied servicemen break free from a German prison camp in March 1944.

Lees, then 32, helped carry away tons of dirt POWs dug out to create their legendary escape tunnel. He emptied the dirt on vegetable patches under the noses of the watching Nazis.

Lees was a gardener at the infamous Stalag Luft III camp after being captured in 1940 – ten months after joining the army as a driver.

Hen gives up on life after romance with rooster ends!

New Delhi, April 29: A hen, in Longchang county, Sichuan province, has given up the desire to live ever since its romance with a rooster came to end.

Four killed in Chennai train collision

Four killed in Chennai train collisionChennai, Apr 29 : At least four people have been killed and several others injured when a passenger train and a goods train collided at Jeevanagar railway station in suburban Vyasarpadi on Wednesday.

According to police, the incident took place at around 6:00 a. m. when the passenger train coming from Chennai and the goods train coming from Arakkonam collided.

Following the accident, a fire broke out in one of the coaches of the local train, they said.

Four bodies have been retrieved by the fire and rescue personnel, police said, adding that more casualties were feared.

Zambia poachers give up illegal arms

Zambia poachers give up illegal armsLusaka- Poachers in the eastern part of Zambia have surrendered about 1,700 illegal firearms and over 40,000 wire snares used to kill wild animals in game management areas, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) of Zambia was quoted Tuesday as saying. Appearing before a parliamentary committee, WCS-Zambia program director Dale Lewis said that even though a number of people in the area have shown interest in surrendering the firearms, poaching has not been reduced, the Times of Zambia reported.