I hate gyms, says Reese Witherspoon

I hate gyms, says Reese WitherspoonNew Delhi, April 6 : Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon hates working out in the gum but will reluctantly exercise if a film role requires it.

"If I never had to see the inside of a gym again, I''d be a very happy person. Even the idea of it, I hate. There''s people who love it and it''s just their thing," she said.

"I can do it, and I can do it for my job because I''m really lucky to get this job and have a job so I will do it. But it''s not my first choice of morning activity," she added

Meanwhile, the mother-of-two recently also revealed that whenever she feels down in the dumps she reaches for a bucket of fried chicken, reports the China Daily. (ANI)