Looking At Curvy Women Bodies Give Men The Same High As Alcohol Or Drugs

Gazing at curvy women's torsos has identical effect on adult males as taking drugs or boozing, a new study has said.

According to the study, men use the same part of their minds when seeing hourglass bodies as they do when enjoying their preferred vices.

But viewing skinny babes doesn't bring the similar reaction, the study's researchers added.

To reach the decision, scientists in Georgia, U. S., scanned the brains of 14 young adult males as they viewed before and after pics of naked women who had reconstructive surgery to give them bustier buttockses.

Seeing the post-operative shots agitated the brain's ''reward centres'' - areas more commonly actuated by drinking alcohol and taking drugs, analyses showed.

US researcher Steven Platek said, "These findings could help further our understanding of pornography addiction and related disorders."

"They could also lend to the scientific inquiry about sexual infidelity," Steven added. (With Input from Agencies)