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Castro chides summit secrecy, but likes Obama's sleep habits

Castro chides summit secrecy, but likes Obama's sleep habits Havana  - Traditional Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Monday complained that the weekend Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago was held in "secret."

But at the same time, amid a dawning - though as yet far from complete - thaw in US-Cuban relations, Castro had some praise for US President Barack Obama.

"His predecessor (George W Bush) went to sleep early and slept many hours. It seems that Obama works a lot and sleeps little," he quipped in an article published on the website Cubadebate.

Castro accuses Brown of treating Obama with disdain

Castro accuses Brown of treating Obama with disdain Havana  - Historic Cuban leader Fidel Castro accused British Prime Minister Gordon Brown of treating peers, including US President Barack Obama, "with prejudice" during the recent Group of 20 summit in London.

In an article that the Cuban Communist Party daily Granma published Wednesday under his name, Castro further accused host Brown of having behaved in a "visibly derogatory" fashion toward the representatives of the Third World.

After US lawmakers' visit, Fidel thinks Obama "sincere," but ...

Fidel CastroHavana/Washington  - After meeting with US lawmakers, Cuba's retired leader Fidel Castro said Wednesday that while he believes US President Barack Obama's intentions towards Cuba are "sincere," they clash with the "objective reality" within the United States.

In an article published Wednesday in Cuban state media, Castro spoke of his two-hour meeting Tuesday with three members of the US Congressional Black Caucus.

The man who formally stepped down from power in Cuba in February 2008 after almost half-a-century was reacting to comments made by US Democratic Representative Laura Richardson.

Fidel Castro tweaks "contradictions" of G20 summit

Fidel Castro tweaks "contradictions" of G20 summit Havana  - Cuba's retired leader Fidel Castro Wednesday showed a flash of his former outspoken self, writing that this week's G20 summit in London reflects deep conflicts and yet holds the welfare of the world's workers in its hands.

The article, published in Cuban state media, also stressed the importance of the summit for the world.

Fidel Castro endorses Raul's Havana housecleaning

Fidel Castro endorses Raul's Havana housecleaning Havana  - Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro in a commentary published Tuesday endorsed the sacking of several top officials undertaken by his brother and successor, President Raul Castro.

On Monday, Raul announced a major cabinet reshuffle including the removal of several key figures, most notably foreign minister Felipe Perez Roque and Carlos Lage, who had been secretary of the Cuban Council of Ministers.

Fidel wrote that the changes had been discussed with him in advance.

Fidel Castro in very good shape, says Hugo Chavez

Hugo ChavezCaracas, Feb. 28 : Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said 82-year-old former Cuban leader Fidel Castro seemed to be in a "very, very good shape" during their latest meeting in Cuba.

"Fidel is - well - very, very, very good. Very good. He was much better than all the times I''ve visited him in the past three years, two and a half years," the Telegraph quoted him, as saying.